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Hello everyone,

The video above is an introduction to a series of  5 Videos where, for the first time, I reveal proprietary information about the One Web  Ring (socially activated) SEO and Social Traffic System. My business partners had mixed feelings about the amount of information I gave away in this videos series. But in reality, I barely come close to scratching the surface of the information you need to make this unbelievable system work for YOU. You will need to use your Network Empire Members username and password below in order to see the complete video overview.

As you know the Theme Zoom Certification Event is just around the corner. We still have a single vacant seat because one of our students rescheduled for April, 2013. If you would like to attend, there may still be an opportunity for you to do so. Hopefully you read our previous blog post which simulates a common experience of the average student who attends the Theme Zoom Certification Event:

This is a re-enactment script of a real person’s experience of attending a Theme Zoom Certification:

Welcome to the private membership area:

It is best to watch these videos in the order they appear:

Introduction to Ground Zero Content (Web Ring 1):

Introduction to WRS1 (Social Web Ring 1)

Introduction to WR2 (Web Ring 2)

Introduction to WRS2 (Social Web Ring 2)

Introduction to WR3 (Web Ring 3)

Thanks for watching, and let me know how I can clarify this material better for private members! Expect updates to the Google Plus Plus Course, the Content Curation Course, and the Main Network Empire Members Area!

At the time of this writing, we STILL have a seat open for Theme Zoom Certification. I would love to see you there. Call us at 608-844-4301 to reserve your seat – or visit Theme Zoom Certification to hit the buy button! You MAY need to stay at a different hotel if you plan to join us, so give us a call.


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