Make Awesome Decisions Ten Times Faster!

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Make Awesome Decisions Ten Times Faster!

Russell Wright of Network Empire released a free public module on how to use Dan and Chip Heath's WRAP method for decisions:

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WRAP in 30 Minutes (Make The Best Decisions From Now On)themezoom

To Explore This and Other Free Modules (With Explanation) Please Visit:

Bonus: WRAP Method - Make Better Decisions From Now On! | Network EmpireBonus: WRAP Method - Make Better Decisions From Now On!
"Decisive" by Dan and Chip Heath is on the Theme Zoom list of "Dangerously Powerful" books:
Theme Zoom Resource List - The 8 Most DANGEROUS Books Ever WrittenMade to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and O... by Chip Heath $17.58

Other Software and Membership Courses Created by Russell Wright:

Network Empire |Membership Area Created By Popular Demand: From the controversial software team who brought you the Krakken Vertical Market Analysis Tool...
Premium Curation Intro Sign Up | Network EmpireCaution: Cash Micro-Content Curation, Syndication and Publishing at the Speed of Thought! My Name is Russell Wright and I am the co-inven...
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About Technology Inventor Russell Wright:

The Official Google Plus Account of Inventor Russell WrightRussell Wright is a tech-inventor, thought-leader, business coach, and professional curator at Network Empire . He is most known for the ...
ThemezoomTo Put a Dent In The Quasi-Verse and Break Down The Silos Between Worlds
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