Sue Bell's Local Search Marketing Power Course

Over 30 Local Search Traffic Strategies You Must Deploy In Order to Survive the Next Online Trend

With 10 Modules, The Network Empire Local Search and Marketing Course will give you the insider knowledge you need for your local business to get customers to your website and inside your front door.

Created by Theme Zoom Architect and Military-Industrial Programmer Sue Bell. This course is automatically included in the normal Network Empire BASIC membership area, where the entire Network Empire team shares their most private thoughts, methods, techniques, tactics (black hat and white hat) about the most controversial and important business technology questions of our era. Our Enterprise Level Software is Not Included in the price of this course!

Seth Godin Says Localization is Macrotrend Number #3


 Our research shows Macrotrend #3 includes a Massive Spike in Local and Mobile Search combined with “Roaming Social Media” and “Local Reviews”!


Currently local search marketing is highly under utilized, so now is the time to get in and get a good foothold, and take advantage of the traffic it will generate.

Research from the MarketingSherpa found only 35% of B2B marketers have claimed a local business listing, and a mere 23% optimize for local terms in organic SEO efforts, compared to B2C marketers’ respective 43% and 36% for those tactics.

Even though local search is a valuable tactic, only 27% of marketers overall reported engaging in local search as part of an organic search strategy.

This leaves the door wide open still, in many markets, for you to take advantage of these methods and get traffic NOW.

This course is in response to the CRY FOR HELP from ordinary mainstreet business owners and local SEO firms that are inundated with needs and requests. Many of these SEO firms already use our internationally recognized keyword research and vertical market research tools. Our professional SEO students and customers have confirmed this massive and growing need for expert advice about ‘social-to-local’ and mobile review marketing.

In this  course we reveal the 10 Local Search Survival Strategies that you MUST integrate into your local marketing plan, or you run the risk of becoming just another vacant store front. I am not saying this to cause you undue fear. I am saying this because we are watching some of our local “mom-and-pop” shops go out of business because they have “Internet Phobia”.

There is no need to freak out and there is no need to avoid local search strategies!

In fact you CAN”T run away from them anymore. (Local coffee shops, we are talking to you too).

Also, if you are including local search strategies as an SEO for your  SEO firm (small or large), this is a course for you to have inn your arsenal! (Not to mention that you also get other major tips and SEO guidance as a basic member, which automatically comes with this package).

Here are the essential strategies covered in this Local Search Domination Course:

  • Module #1. Optimize Your Website for Local Search
  • Module #2. Target Quality Local Keywords in your Website
  • Module #3. Create Location-Specific Landing Pages
  • Module #4. Consider using a Silo Structure
  • Module #5. Utilize Micro-formats for Location Tagging

(And several more)

Note: This course will be regularly updated, and is only one of MANY Network Empire courses that come with your premium content subscription! Yup, 20 bucks a month to have access to some of the most advanced online thinking of our era!

Think this kind of local search information can be found out there on the internet for free?

Think again!

This is high-level strategy by the team who brought automated Website Silo Architecture to the general public. But it can also be implemented by anyone.

Meet the amazing Network Empire Team.

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