Are You Suffering From Shiny Object Syndrome? Neuromarketing Secrets Revealed

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Neuromarketing is an understanding of why people buy.  It’s a skill, in contrast to a thing, like a blog or Facebook.  Recently there have been a number of folks up on the Neuromarketing Soapbox, even though many don’t call it that. They claim to offer you the “super powers” of persuasion marketing rather than another “bright shiny object”.

There are two aspects of neuromarketing that stand out in my mind; Positioning and Headlines.  If you can get these things down, the world is your oyster.  Failing to obtain these skills will leave you in the ranks of the average hungry marketer :)

If you’ve never really exposed yourself to any of the persuasion marketing techniques and neuromarketing, you definitely should.  Cialdini and Jay Abraham are two with whom I have spent a lot of time.

Russell Wright has, in my opinion, done an excellent job of taking all the neuromarketers and squishing their best ideas together into Phase 1 “Industry Solution DNA – where he spends a lot of time helping you to get a handle on how to position yourself in the best possible light, and help you understand if your product can be couched as a painkiller rather than a vitamin.  The whole point of Phase 1 and the beginning of Phase 2 is to help you find the best possible positioning.

We are always trying to help folks with their positioning – it’s the most important step of the entire marketing process… if you get that foundational step right, everything follows easily – get it wrong and you will find yourself fighting for every dollar.

Personally, a fine point of positioning that I’ve found to be one of the best approaches is

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