Video Invitation: Live Theme Zoom Certification Event 2013

Theme Zoom Certification 2013
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Hello my friends,

First of all, I want to wish you a happy 2013.

I would also like to invite you to the Theme Zoom Live Certification Event 2013:

Please See the Theme Zo0m Certification 2013

It is with great excitement that I announce the upcoming Live Theme Zoom event.

There are certain “online business secrets” that the Theme Zoom Team does not talk about in public.

A lot of “unspokens”, actually.

I spent this holiday season asking myself . . . why?

Why do we not have an environment where we can disclose the most exciting things that Sue and I talk about, dream up and invent and finally program?

Why do we not have an environment where Sue, Matt and I can prepare YOU for the future, without holding anything back? Heck, the future is rushing at us at the speed of Smartphone! – and things are moving so fast that even Google cannot keep up!

But there is an amazing “calm” at the center of this cultural tech-storm!

Dare I say, it is a sort of a “peace”. (Except when Sue is cracking the whips)

That ‘relaxed calm’ is the mental space we live in every day at Theme Zoom LLC.

We can stay “relaxed” because we understand the “evergreen tech principles” that are not going to change. Much of this “changeless” wisdom comes from Sue Bell’s many years as a military industrial programmer working on multi-million dollar enterprise software for the Army. This is one of the reasons we teach “website silo architecture” in the first place . . . because it is an algorithm based on evergreen principles.

SEO is not dead. It is just a small part of a larger picture.

SEO without an evergreen and Social-Media-Integrated “Plan” is DEFINITELY dead. ; – )

Facebook “memes” come and go. Then they become cliche’.

But certain neuromarketing and technology business principles will outlast all of the newest trends and SEO distractions. These important “evergreen business principles” will make you a ton of money if you “get” them. When you combine this new paradigm with our high level Theme Zoom software products . . . you and your business will simply become a “Force Of Nature”. You will “Swallow your Market Whole” while attracting customers from the “bleeding edge” of online innovation and tech development.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to directly grasp the things that don’t change?

I promise, it is possible. And it is life transforming. And it is fun. And you can make a ton of money too! ; – )

In the last 5 years I have watched a lot of business ideas come and go. I have watched close friends jump on the latest bandwagons only to be dissapointed by the short shelf-life of the newest “get-rich-quick” scheme. Recently, I have even watched college educated friends spend their whole online-careers inside the Warriors Forum- not able to tell the difference between cheap Odesk programming and enterprise level market research software that cost half a million dollars to build (Like Krakken). I know you know what I am talking about.

Wouldn’t it be great to understand how “Everything is Connected”? What would it be like to stop wasting time? Imagine knowing (without a shadow of a doubt) that every action you take online- is the right one! And that your actions are profitable. No more horrible “sneaking suspicion” that you are just wasting your time. (I hate that)

So why are we so hush-hush about SEO, Curation, RSS marketing, website silo architection, social media, twitter army, PinVid Automation and branding integration?

The main reason is that it needs to be communicated in person!

We gotta see ‘the whites of your eyes!’

We need 6 days of intense focus, one-on-one, to make sure we can see the “Eureka” in your eyes. We can’t communicate everything that we know in a membership area alone. It is simply not possible.

So join us for the early price special that ends in 10 days:

It’s not as difficult as you think- to make six and seven figures online. The trick is to stay clear and focused.

No fluff. No pitch. Just hard-core step-by-step results.

Many students have described the Theme Zoom Certification “Live” Event as being a pivotal shift in their thinking. Not a Hype-Fest, but a “Nuts-and-Bolts-Holy-Cow-I-Can-Actually-Do-This” Harvard Level online profit education.

Sue Bell and I have a little secret and private benchmark for 2013. We have a personal goal of absolutely making sure that we assist a minimum of 12 people in CHANGING THEIR TAX BRACKET this year. Level up! And one additional goal – we hope these 12 persons will achieve this financial success in a way that is “congruent” with their current values, passions and business goals. This is what will be accomplished for you at the Live Theme Zoom event.

Reserve your seat (there are 13 seats left – as of today) and call us if you have any questions at all:



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