What Penguin Update? Come to Nashville SEO Live!

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Today I spoke to Sue Bell, Greg Morrison, Jimmy Kelley and 2 other 6 figure income SEO professionals about Penguin 2.1

All of these folks will be at the Nashville SEO Live event.

I would like to talk to you about the Automatic Video Plugin we are giving away to Nashville Live attendees.

The “Crazy” power behind this Automatic Video Plugin is best talked about on a private webinar

This webinar is private, but if you are reading this email, you are invited:

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What Penguin Update?

Sue, Greg and Jimmy all confirmed a common denominator about this new Penguin update.

1) Sites built properly GAINED rankings.
2) Many authority sites that were properly SEO silod INCREASED in ranking.
3) Exact Match Domains that were over-optimized were slammed hard in many cases.
4) Exact Match Domains that were NOT silod at all were slammed ESPECIALLY hard.

So the Experts teaching, presenting and mentoring at the Nashville SEO Live event . . . barely noticed the Penguin Update.

We should have called it “The Penguin Reward”.

Attending this event is important.

I shouldn’t need to bribe you with our personal plugin that indexes 145,00 indexed pages per month (per site) in order to get you to attend, because there are other toys of equal value that will be given to Live attendees. I will get into some of those on the webinar.

You NEED to pay 100% attention to each one of the specific things that each one of these speakers brings to my home town, here in Nashville Tn.

(I’ll bet you did not know that I grew up right here in Nashville!)

Mike and I went to check out the hotel and the location last night. I was amazed to see how much effort and thoughtfulness has been given to make sure you GET EVERYTHING. .

I know it sounds hypee to say it, but this event actually WILL be “Life Changing” and can POWER you into the next decade of the Semantic Web:

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* There will be no cameras.

* There will be no documentation post-event.

* People are not allowed to share the secrets given away here.

There are some things that we do not discuss outside of our own 15,000 Dollar Per Person Live Theme Zoom Software Certification Events.

Some of these topics, techniques and methods WILL be discussed here in Nashville – November 15th (especially if you buy us a drink).

This event costs a FRACTION of what it normally takes to get access to the Theme Zoom team AND – you get at LEAST 3 other Experts that I listen to:

1. Sue Bell <– The creator of Krakken, TLKT, Painfinder, DWS NE Silo Empire Builder, and the Proprietary Socially Active, One Feed Downstream Traffic System
2. Greg Morrison <– One of the hardest working, no-Bullshit, SEO and Local SEO experts in the country today.
3. Jimmy Kelley <– One of the most dangerous SEO Technical people I have met since I went into business with Sue Bell in 2006. He is going to show you – well, I can’t say it.

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I really hope to see you on Wednesday – where I will get as many guest speakers on the call as possible. Please bring any questions that you might have.

Russell Wright and the Network Empire Team












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