Certification Preliminary Course:

Online Technical Training 1 is a recommended prerequisite to attend the next Theme Zoom Certification Event. If you do not take this course, your Theme Zoom certification event will be far more challenging, and you may have a hard time keeping up with the rest of the class. It is better for you to have your WR1 Transaction Website already completed (or well underway) before you arrive at the live event. It should also be built to our standards in order to prepare you for what is to come! We will not refuse your money nor will you be denied entrance to the event if you do not take this course, but you have been forewarned!

Again, if you buy individual courses, a portion of the price of the Courses below and all of the Technical Training I Course will be subtracted from the overall cost of your Theme Zoom Certification 6 Day Training.

PowerButton-more-info1.  Online Tech Foundation Course Part I

8 Weeks, No Bull-Shit Webinar and Coaching Training Program

Cost: $2000 (You May Use This As $2000 discount for Live Certification)

Instructors:  Matt Da Cruz, Sue Bell and Russell Wright


  • What the Heck are You Selling?
  • Defining the Market Pain using Painfinder
  • Setting up the Site and Initial Sales Page
  • Setting up the Social Media (WRS-1) Platforms
  • Automated Market Analysis via Krakken (value $350)
  • Using TLKT for local markets and niches
  • Determining the Silo Themes for initial 3 silos
  • Finding Articles and Supporting Keywords
  • Building the Primary Money Site using NE Builder
  • Building the Primary Blog Site based on Money Site Blueprint
  • Setting up the OneFeed Super Basic
    • twitter feed
    • facebook
    • twitter
    • pinterest
  • Curation
  • Soft Launch Preparation
  • Soft Launch
  • Testing and Measuring
  • Setting up Basic Goals

2.  Online Tech Foundation Course Part II – Starting in October 2014

Cost $3000  (If Purchased Seperately, You May Use This As $2000 discount for certification Live Certification)

Instructors:   Matt Da Cruz, Jimmy Kelley and Sue Bell


  • PainShout ™ – Writers Block-Be-Gone
  • Tracking keyword/pain usage in blog posts
  • Domain Authority Stacking WRS1 Platforms
    • You will learn how to stack your branded platforms
    • You will learn subtler methods how to stack more authority with …
    • Curating WR-1 content to WRS-1 sites
  • Outsourcing
  • Advanced Tracking, testing and measuring
  • Tracking WRS-1 through to conversion
  • Headline Optimization using Twitter
  • Tracking traffic driving headlines
  • Tracking converting pains
  • Expanding on converting concepts
  • Integrating new concepts into money site
  • Show power of RSS feed (traffic)
  • Enhancing WRS-1 platforms with inbound links
  • One Feed to Rule Them All Application) – Enhancing promotions via RSS
  • Bookmarklets – basic introduction.
  • How to publish on a blog with “enhancements”
  • Implementing the complete OneFeed System through WRS-1 and WRS-2
  • Setting up 2-3 more silos using website silo architecture.

 3. Automatic Video Site Creation Course  (WR2 PinVid-Engagement) – Starting by August

Cost $3000  (If Purchased Separately, You May Use This As $2000 Discount for Certification Live Certification)

Instructors:  Russell Wright & Sue Bell

Massive Converting Traffic through the power of automated video!

Software Included! The Automated PinVid WordPress Plugin!


  • V-Krakken plugin setup – wicked sick video silo structure auto-gen site with content
  • Additional helpful plugins setup (Get Our List!)
  • Social Media Automation Setup
  • Automatic Traffic Conversion Optimization tricks
  • Pin-Vid Conversion Optimization Techniques
  • Limited OneFeed consideration

4.  The PBBN/CBBN (Personal/Corporate Brand Broadcasting Network; WR-3 and WRS-3)  – Starting by October 2014

Cost $3000 ($2000 discount for Certification)

Instructors:   Sue Bell & Jimmy Kelley


  • DomainAtion – Buying domains w/ pagerank
  • What to look for when buying domains for PBNs and PBBNs!
  • And how to know what domains to avoid
  • Building authority / PR
  • Setting up Silo Structures
    • silos static pages
    • blog posts on slow auto-drip
  • Leaving no footprint
  • Tracking keyword / link usage
  • Diversifying Link Destinations
  • Making money
    • opt-ins
    • adsense
    • banner ads
  • Slow drip content

5. Networks for Sale <Typically $50k-100k a pop>

(Yes, we can build the network for you)

  • Market Analysis
  • WR1 Blueprint
  • Empire Blueprint
  • WRS1 Creation
  • WR1 -> WRS1 and WRs 2 OneFeed Setup
  • WR2 Blueprints, Domain Setup and Site Construction
  • WRs-2 Setup
  • Extended WR-2 OneFeed Setup
  • WR3 Blueprints, Domain Setup and Site Construction
  • WRs-3 Setup
  • Extended WR-3 OneFeed Setup

Only Available at Certification:

Instructors:  Sue Bell, Russell Wright, Matt Da Cruz, Jimmy Kelley, Kevin Polley, Mike Pearse


  • In Depth Business Positioning
  • In Depth Conversion Psychology
  • Extended WR1 sites (indirect selling sites)
  • How the Buying Cycle maps to your domains / silos
  • Empire Keyword DNA
  • WR2 text & RSS based sites
  • WR2 auto-curation of WR1 blog
  • WR2 CMS based sites (forums, joomla, drupal, etc)
  • All WRS-2 platform setups and integration
  • All WRS-3 platform setups and integration
  • multi-ring, multi-layer RSS and content syndication and traffic patterns
  • integrating the Semantic Web
  • Includes World-Domination Pin-Vid plugin
  • Includes Super Evil Social Exploder