Semantic Markup for Multiple Business Offices?

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A Question About Multiple Offices and Business Outlets for Semantic Mark-Up:

Hi Kevin,

I just finished adding my business to freebase and now I’m working on adding the markups to my site and wanted to confirm with you whether the structure I have in mind is the correct way to set it up.

To give you a bit of background my site is and we are a national company servicing in all states of Australia. Currently we have two main offices One in WA and another in QLD. On our site we have dedicated pages for each of the 5 states we service.

Do you think for my site its best to go with this format for markup: 

Should I mark up the Business with Multiple Offices or Outlets on About Us Page then on each of the state pages using the Marking Up A Local Business Providing a Service to a Specific Area?

Also a side note: our business is mobile, meaning depending upon where the client wants to run their event we go to their location so its always varied.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

Answer from Semantic Expert Kevin Polley:

Hi Darren,

If you markup all of your offices on your about us page, each business unit should link to its own page. There’s no question about that.

Each page to whcih you link can have the business address and contact details and or service/products details too.

As a reminder, although I’ve added markup (which works) Google recently introduced ‘Location Pages’

You can find out more here:
and find additional examples here:

The key is to make sure that your about page has the business units marked up and links to an individual page for each unit.

See the next question to see my response to the fact that your product or service is “mobile”.

How Do I Use Semantic Mark Up With A Mobile Business, Where We Service Clients Remotely?

Kevin Polley Answer: Here is my comment about your being a mobil business (mentioned at the end of the previous question).

Think of it in these terms: – where your offices are are facts, people can always (subject to opening hours) find you/a member of staff there.

Facts can go into Freebase / the semantic web as their own entities.

The fact that your business is mobile is a benefit that is tied to a product or service. If you’re at company ‘defg’ next Thursday it’s a ‘news fact’ but you may not be there the Thursday after – It’s something that’s social but the web can’t rely on it.

Your product or service however is a fact. It exists. When you mark-up the product/service entity that your company entity provides, the mobile aspect of it helps to uniquely identify that product/service as a part of its description.

Remember the breakdown in the course. You. Your company. Your products.
Please take the complete Semantic Web Training Course, to get more specific information about all of this.

Hope that helps

Kindest Regards

Kevin Polley

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