Live Certification: How To Get An Early Bird 5K Dollar Discount

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Live Certification: Early Bird 5K Dollar Discount

Hello folks,

As you may have heard, all of next week we are in a private “locked-down” SEO Traffic meeting with our team members. These are the same experts who will be your instructors in May, at this years Live Network-Building Certification Event.

Before we go under deep cover for a few days, we want to offer you a $5,000.00 discount to the May event.

In order to get this monster discount, you will need to reserve early. This $2,000 reservation is non-refundable, because we are actually booking the block of luxury rooms on Wednesday. We have to commit to the rooms, and that is why we are making this offer. No gimmicks, not scarcity tactics. If you would like to reserver your seat, please do so immediately by visiting:

Here is a video that describes the crazy mad scientist and 7 figure earners that will reveal our deepest secrets and network building strategies.

You can ask us about this on Skype at “themezoom”

Or you can call us at: 608-432-1439

Russell Wright and the Network Empire Team

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