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Tomorrow is the webinar kickoff of the technical foundation eight week webinar boot camp and mastermind group.

I want to tell you a story of how I screwed up in my marketing copy.

One of our former students came to me on Skype with a suggestion about our Technical Foundation 8 Week Boot Camp (which also contains four hours of one-on-one personal coaching).

He said, “Russell, it would be a great idea if students like myself could “retake” the Webinar Bootcamp, even if we already paid for our first one. In fact I would PAY something to attend the upcoming webinars, because I often pick-up stuff that I missed in my first time around! Russell, this course is so rich, it literally changed my whole game!”

I sat back in my seat for a second in shock!

How could I be so stupid?

I was certain that I let everyone know in my emails and marketing copy that they had unlimited mastermind level access to the Technical Foundation Webinar Boot Camp training area . . . Forever!

I thought that I made this clear!

As it turns out, I had NOT made this amazing value clear.

Matt Da Cruz called me up and informed me that several students did not know that they could attend ANY of the ongoing webinar sessions whenever they damn well feel like it!

Some of them even thought that they had to pay the introductory price all over again, just to get access!


Folks, when you take any one of our Pre-Certification bootcamps or training courses, you are part of a permanent mastermind group. This means you will always have access to:

1. Lifetime Access to the High Level Technical Foundation Members Area!

The special-made (and constantly updated) private members area that is exclusive to whichever Pre-Certification Level you have paid for!

2. Lifetime Access to Audit and Attend Any New Webinar Bootcamp (Within the Same Pre-Certification Course Level)!

Access to ATTEND any future webinars, and “jump in” with any new batch of new students that start their training (roughly every 8 weeks or so)!

3. Lifetime Access to the “Special” Skype Group Associated With Your Pre-Certification Level!

Each “Swallow Your Market Whole” training level has it’s own Skype Group. If you are not already signed up you my find out more about current and upcoming Pre-Certification course at:

4. Lifetime $2,000.00 Discount Voucher Towards Live Events!

You can apply and offset the total cost of any Pre-Certification Webinar Bootcamp towards the FULL cost of the Live Network Empire Certification Event. This “voucher” is good FOREVER, even if you do NOT make it to the Live Training this year! You can simply use it when you are ready.

What You Do NOT Get:

One thing you do not get over and over again, with each 8 Week Webinar Boot Camp launch, is your personal 4 hours of one-on-one coaching . Once you have used those up, they are gone, or you will have to purchase them again at our hourly rate which is available at:

The second thing you only get once is the Krakken VOMA Done For You Keyword Report, that is included in your first Bootcamp and 8 Week Training. Remember, we included this because the PURPOSE of this course is to PREPARE you for a Live Network Empire Training Event, because we do not want people arriving without a well silod Money Site at our Live Events, as they would be utterly unprepared and confused! ; – )

I hope that makes things a little bit more clear, as apparently I was not able to convey this ridiculous value in my previous emails and copy.

Since we launch tomorrow, please consider joining us with this new information, as there are still three seats left. Also note, that payment for this webinar boot camp can be made into payments as you can see here:

We are ready to launch tomorrow, and we cannot wait to meet each and every one of our new students!

Russell Wright, Sue Bell and Matt Da Cruz.






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