Webinar Replay: SEO Panda and Penguin Recovery and Prevention

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Hello everyone,

Today we completed the Panda Penguin SEO recovery and prevention kickoff webinar.

This course is part of a “Perpetual Mastermind Webinar Bootcamp and Coaching” training model we have invented. This means that when you upgrade to this module, you can jump in to the webinar boot camp at any time, gain access to previous webinars, and attend highly classified SEO Panda and Penguin recovery and prevention training that is very likely not available anywhere else in the industry. 1 hour of personal coaching is included in your sign up package.

What Did We Cover In The Kickoff Webinar Today?

Attendees were absolutely blown away by the content provided by Jimmy Kelley and Sue Bell.

In fact, the material was so rich, that I spent about an hour following up with raving students and trying to catch all of their kudos and positive feedback that was pouring in over skype, like rain. Apparently the kickoff webinar was valuable, and Jimmy and Sue overdelivered.

Here is what today’s webinar attendees had to say about their experience:

“I feel like I am being exposed to the ‘real stuff’ and I think I may have been paranoid about the wrong things all of this time in my SEO career!” – H

“Wow, I was completely blown away by the H1 header information that Jimmy provided. The idea that one little tweak to my page can create jump of 15 positions on the search engine results page is mind blowing!” – M

“I love how you guys explain the Google patent in a way I could understand it, instead of just giving me a blanket statement to always do this, or always do that. Now I understand what Panda is actually all about, and how it relates to Penguin. I never understood this before. Thanks Jimmy!” -L

“If I had realized that 404 errors were that significant I would’ve address them much sooner! I love how Jimmy just tells us when something is an seo myth or a plain old lie, and offers proof. This really changes the way I look at seo, and how I will research it from now on. The map is definitely not the territory, and Jimmy and Sue provided the most comprehensive recovery and prevention map I have ever seen. All of this in one webinar! I can’t even imagine what I’m going to learn in the upcoming webinars. ” – S

“I think the biggest take away for me was the ‘Statistically Improbable Best Anchor Text Filter’ that you discussed during the webinar. It blows my mind that the stuff you guys were talking about four years ago is now actually part of a Google backlink penalty!” – G

“Now I understand the proper order of doing things to remove a penalty to my site – but I really can’t wait for the next Webinar. This is probably the most impactful SEO course I have taken to date.” – M

<end student highlights>

Note to Future Students:

As a member of the Panda/Penguin Recovery and Prevention “Perpetual Mastermind Training and Coaching Course”, you also have access to a private Skype group dedicated to Traffic Hospital members.

Current Students, your Webinar Replay Is Located Here:

The Traffic Hospital Webinar Replay: Week 1

Please see the next webinar date countdown timer located on the homepage of Traffic Hospital:


Russell Wright and the Network Empire Team

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