Google Disavow Tool: One Thing You Need To Know

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Recently, the Google Disavow Tool has gotten a lot of press. Theme Zoom architect Sue Bell has covered the launch of this tool in a recent blog post called Google’s Latest Update – How to Avoid Loosing More Money. The above video quickly covers the most important thing you need to know about the Google Disavow Tool and much of this comes from Matt Cutts of Google. If you would like to navigate the visual archive on this topic, I have left you access to my Google Disavow Tool Brain below.

Summary: The only thing you really need to know is that new Google Disavow Tool is not for beginners. 90% of all webmasters will never need to use it . . . 

There is a ton of information flooding the web about the new Google disavow link tool, stay tuned for more information on this topic

Below is an “unplugged” interview with Theme Zoom architect Sue Bell where she speaks her mind about the new link tool.

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