New! Secret SEO Back Linking Ranking Algorithm Prevents Google Penalties

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The above video is a rare interview with Theme Zoom architect Sue Bell and seo prodigy-level analyst Jimmy Kelley of Network Empire. In this interview we talked about the new statistically improbable phrase filter now included by default inside The Last Keyword Tool. For those of you who don’t know, TLKT is one of the only natural language processing and market research and keyword research tools available to the general public. Another unique aspect of this keyword research tool, is that it is possible to create your own filters and columns to suit your own unique research needs. While this feature is very popular among serious geeks and seo professionals, do not have to be a rocket science in order to use our tool. It also has default filters highly profitable keyword research settings that you can utilize the click of a mouse.

We are going to discuss the “How To” aspect of this topic even more in the upcoming Traffic Hospital Webinar.

Here are the important bullet points covered in the rare public interview above:

- Jimmy Kelley, creator of several important Network Empire SEO back linking courses, analyze the Google patent and discovered that statistically improbable phrases are very helpful to prevent back linking penalties.

- Incorporating LSI,, the new statistically improbable phrases algorithm will get you some of the most powerful and “penalty-buffering”  pure diverse back linking keywords available.

- We go over patents that support this claim: Google Patent Family ID 49487982 and Us Patent 8,577,893B1

- This patent covers 5 different ways in which thematic relevance, co-occurrence and LSI are important ranking aspects between a document that links to your money site and the page it links to on your money site.

-We also discuss a simple image included in the patent it will help you quickly see why keyword relevance and diversity are important to avoid Google penalties (see image bottom of page).

- We will be covering more specifics and answering questions about this concept in the upcoming Traffic Hospital webinar, as well as other webinars to come inside this upgraded Network Empire Training Course.



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