Paid SEO Backlink Services? The Tricky Question From Students

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Hello everyone!

We are getting plenty of questions about which paid SEO backlinking services we recommend, if any.

This is a tricky question, because it will often DEPEND upon which layer of your Market Domination Empire you are trying to acquire backlinks:

Here is a blog post discussing my meaning when I say “It depends on which layer of your empire your are working on”:

The Socially Activated One Web Ring Perpetual Downstream SEO Social Traffic System

Here is the simple flash animation that reveals a overview of what we call “The Socially Activated One Web Ring Perpetual Downstream Traffic System”:

The One Web Ring Flash Animation (We consider this a SMALL Network Example) 

Common Confusion: “Content Network” versus (Black Hat) “Blog Network”:

Now, when the Network Empire Team speaks about a “Socially Activated Web Ring” we are not talking about the kind of paid inbound link scheme blog network web rings that can get you busted (or even de-indexed) by Google’s scary black and white creatures. We are speaking about high quality content networks that are constantly crawling with social visitors and regular search engine visitors. These are networks that you do not share with ANYONE necessarily. You can if you want to of course. But for most common folks, it is more profitable to use them as your own Golden Frame for your upstream high margin products and services. These are actually called CONTENT networks – and content networks sell every year for tens of millions of dollars. The “content networks” we teach our students to build are more like Personal (or Corporate) Brand Broadcasting Networks – you know, like the kind of content networks purchased by Demand Media for 200 million dollars.

In our (recommended) types of (personal brand) content networks, you have properly used our proprietary Vertical Market Keyword/Theme Research Enterprise Software to position your own ‘keyword-diverse’ content at Ground Zero. More importantly, this “ground zero” content syndicates “downstream” in a way that is optimal both for your own Golden Frame profitability as well as your industry/niche audience.

In the above paragraph I dropped some new words, memes and neologisms. So let me lay them out:

Defining Our Terms:

Golden Frame = Any platform where you control the banners and/or monetization fields (usually this is one of your blogs or HTML sites:

For example, you cannot control the ads inside your Facebook account, located in the right margin, even if you wanted to. You can’t even PAY them to remove the stupid things. You can “vote them down” but you will never get rid of them. This means you are the slave to someone else’s “Golden Frame”. On your own Content Network, YOU own the Golden Frame. Use it wisely.

Ground Zero Content = Your best articles should “explode” from the center of your Personal Brand Broadcasting Network (Or Your Corporate Brand Broadcasting Network). Yes, it is TOTALLY Fine to re-purpose, re-mix and republish portions, snippets or complete content from your “Ground Zero” transaction site, reference site, or authority website.

(Black Hat) Blog Network =  These exists solely for gaming Page Rank and site authority for members. Blog networks are sometimes abused by black hat search engine optimization providers in order to give a false appearance of authority towards specific websites, which gives them a higher ranking in Google. In March 2012, Google took unprecedented action against this unethical behavior, by removing hundreds of websites from their search index.

Content Network = A content network can also be defined as a network of sites that provide content (text, videos, audio, etc.) and (often) allow advertisers to show ads along side the core content.

For example, Google has it’s own “approved” content network on which adsense publishers are allowed to advertise. (Advertisers must first be approved for the network based on high quality content). Many folks use an individual website (or their own group of sites) to display Google Adsense for profit. Google’s paying advertisers can pay for placement on these sites, on either a cost-per click (CPC) or cost-per impression (CPM) basis.

This is why we ultimately teach you to build your own Personal (or Corporate) Brand Content Broadcasting Network.

Personal Brand (or Corporate Brand) Content Broadcasting Network = A personal brand (or corporate brand) content broadcasting network is the same as the “Google Adsense Network” but YOU own all the platforms, blogs, social media profiles, and hosting. In the same way that Google views its own “content network” of approved adsense-worthy sites as a golden frame for making tons of money from Paid Advertisers . . . YOU must view your own Personal (or Corporate) Brand Content Network of quality sites (both automated and curated) as a Golden Frame for your own upstream/downstream conversion and sales goals

And of course, Sue’s new Interactive Content Network Empire Building Map allows you to drill down into a “scary” level of power- including showing you EXACTLY how to use our enterprise level tools to “crush it” within any online industry:

Video 2 (Members Only):

Back to the point: Inbound Linking Tools and Services . . .

In the following members only video I reveal a couple of paid linking and/or syndication services that we have used with success.  Warning: You must use these properly, and with an understanding of clear integration – or you can blow yourself up. What I mean is: like anything else, use moderation and tact.

I only bring all of this stuff up, because it is important that you know which types of backlinks go where, otherwise you will blow yourself up, or WORSE waste a TON of money on terrible backlinking tools and tricks!

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