Free to Non-Members for 48 Hours: Semantic Web Video Part 1

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Hello, Russell Wright here.

Tomorrow I jump on an airplane to Phoenix. I will be hanging with Sue Bell and “pulling the trigger” on this week’s launch of the Semantic Web Training Event that starts in less than 3 days!

The Semantic Web Training

Dozens of folks have already signed up for this training and have already gained access to the pre-loaded “members-only” training area. Here is a short “what the heck do I get?” video with Semantic Web experts Kevin Polley and Sue Bell:

Video: Intro to Semantic Web Training

If you are already a Network Empire member, you may want to review the previous “fully packed” webinar called “Hummzilla Part 1 and 2″ and also grab your MASSIVE discount for the Semantic Membership Area and live ongoing training:

Hummzilla Webinar Part 1 and 2 (Plus Discount Code) 

If you are not a Network Empire member, you may want to consider joining as a basic membership if only to get this discount (The public price of the ongoing training area is $497.00 to the general public and $347.00 dollars for Network Empire basic members and above:

Network Empire Basic Membership

Semantic Web Google Change and SEO: How Bad Is It Gonna Get?

Here is our “Oh-My-Goodness” list of “futuristic-sounding” algorithm changes that are happening RIGHT NOW (This goes WAY beyond Hummingbird and what not):

HummZilla Futuring List

A Special “Sneak Peek” for non-members:

My Network Empire “Semantic Web Team” has gone to bed already, so I cannot ask Sue and Kevin permission to give you this link. If Sue wakes up, she may want to remove it from public view. If you are not an active member (at any level in Network Empire), you did NOT get access to the either “sold out” Hummzilla Webinar Events. For the next 48 hours, I am going to give you free access to Hummzilla Part 1. I just want you to be absolutely sure how important these coming Semantic Web changes are – and WHY you need to learn the step-by-step process of Semantic Web Optimization provided by our team:

Hummzlilla Webinar Part 1 (Temporarily Free to Non-Members)

(<- This Hummzilla Part 1 video will be deleted from this temp Youtube location in 48 hours or so.)

I would love to see each and every one of you on Wednesday’s Live “How To” webinar that will probably put you YEARS ahead of the rest.

Semantic Web Training Sign Up

Russell Wright and the Semantic Revolution Team









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