Introducing the Network Empire Business Growth System

A hands-on business building program to help you get more leads and close more sales.

Join your new Army in the CORE!

You don't have to wade through the information alone. Our coaching team focuses on bringing you what works NOW in a real world environment. 

What is the Network Empire NEv3 System?

Growing your business is tough. Reliable business growth requires a systematic approach to marketing, accountability and a clear plan. We’ve all felt the frustration when there’s no system, accountability or plan to your marketing: a dreadful feeling that you know something is wrong, but you just can’t put your finger on what it is or how to fix it.

The new NEv3 System is a marketing and business program combined with a coaching and software package designed to help you grow your business.

It works for all sized companies and incorporates many disciplines of marketing including digital marketing, SEO, social media marketing, pay per click advertising, display marketing, retarget marketing and other types of marketing to help your business grow and scale up.

It also encompasses website optimization including research, web silo architecture, automated systems and processes, conversion strategies and other tools to convert more visitors as they hop onto your site.

We have put together a team of 6 experts who are leaders in the fields of traffic and business building. All of them are techies with marketing backgrounds.

We have created a solid program that will take you from market analysis to getting leads and closing sales. The program lasts 18 weeks and is a combination of education and practical application. If you join the coaching program you’ll have direct access to the instructors for the duration of the course.

At the end of the 18 weeks if you’ve completed all of the work you will have a working business that’s generating regular leads and closing sales.


NEv3 Webinar Replay: "Meet the Team"

Meet The Team


Matt Da Cruz

CEO, Network Empire
One of the founders and the originator of DWS and the SILO plugins. A Business Systems Expert.

Brian Prins

CEO, BrainMatter Inc.
A Perpetual Entrepreneur for the last 15 years both online and off. Also a sought-after corporate growth consultant, and marketing consultant.

Mike Clay

VP, Network Empire
Over 20 years in the industry and experienced in Sustainable Business Growth.

Don VanFossen

CTO, BrainMatter Inc.
Coding since he was 9 years old on a Commodore VIC20 in 1980. The developer of Lead Gadget and other programs that have been used within the digital marketing and SEO industry.

Jeffrey Smith

SEO Design Solutions
One of the TOP Technical SEO technicians in the industry today. Years of experience watching algorithm shift and tracking the changes in search.

Bradley Benner

Cofounder, Semantic Mastery
The undisputed master of building Automated Syndication Networks. Taking the NE Webring BEYOND.

How You Can Join Us.

NE Classic Bundle

$197 / Monthly

  • DWS Pro
  • Simple Silo Plugin
  • Video Silo PLugin
  • Killer Keywords PRO
  • Pain Finder

v3 Power Bundle

$747 / Monthly

  • All from NE Classic Bundle
  • Lead Gadget
  • SEO Ultimate x 5 Licenses
  • NE Underground Labs
  • Drive Stack
  • Two Tier Syndication Network

The Power Core

$1497 / Monthly (4 payments)

  • All from v3 Power Bundle
  • TAS Stack
  • Coaching Track. Regular Webinars and access to coaching staff.
  • After 4 months you pay $747 /month recurring.

What You Get with Your Enrollment in the NEv3 System?

Here are the 1st steps in the Power Core Package:

  • Market Analysis
  • Market Segmentation
  • Choosing Your Business Model
  • Building Your Digital Blueprint for Your Project Model
  • Building Your Site Architecture Blueprint
  • Building Your Content Syndication Blueprint
  • Building Your Paid Traffic Blueprint
  • Building Your Email Response Blueprint
  • Building of the WR2 Websites for Traffic and Lead Generation
  • Building of the WR1 Primary Website (Money Site) and Blog Web Properties
  • Integrating the Sales Funnels into the WR Website
  • Integration of the Syndication Network
  • Integration of the List Building Funnels
  • Integrating and Building the Retargeting Audience
  • Setting Up the Business Automation Processes to Manage the Client Experience
  • Setting Up the Reporting Automation
  • Finally Refining the Web Ring and Cleaning Up to Capture Any Money and Traffic Leaks

Who is Network Empire For?

The System is for you if any of these apply to you:

  • You own or manage a business or plan to
  • You want to build that business
  • You want more traffic from the search engines
  • You want more leads and sales
  • You want to belong to a cool community of like-minded people building their businesses
  • You are fine with hard work
  • You want your digital marketing and SEO questions answered in a group of professionals who are here to help you
  • You have an open mind and are willing to share and receive
  • You like to learn and earn
  • You can build your own website or hire one made
  • You are not a technophobe
  • You know how to install WordPress and install a plugin
  • You are very SERIOUS about your business and will work hard and be open to new ideas
  • You have a positive mental attitude and know we have your best interests in mind

The System is NOT for you if:

  • You don’t have a business or have never closed sales before. This program’s main focus is on lead generation so please have a method to close the leads when you get them
  • You have a closed mind to new ways of building your business
  • You want everything done for you and are not willing to work
  • You only want to consume video content and modules and not take any action


This program is a hands-on learning environment where you go through the modules and apply the strategies and tactics to your own business. Everyone in the program will be working on their own businesses, including the instructors, so please have a business to build on your own. If you don’t have one, we will suggest one to work on, but please know that you will not learn as much if you don’t have a business to build.

Why We Rebuilt the System from Start to Finish

When Matt was first asked to co-found Network Empire his main responsibility was to make sure the systems worked — this required lots of testing for each of the software and applications we had. He had to make sure they worked for our clients too so they could generate leads and increase their ROI.

Over the years he’s tested many applications and helped create many software solutions. When we last checked, Network Empire had created or worked on more than 56 software applications over the years.

During the past few years he was in charge of the CLC courses.

He really enjoyed teaching the students. Watching them learn and seeing their businesses grow was a great experience. He loved being part of the team that helped these students provide for their families and do good things in the world.

When he thought about what he enjoys most in business, it’s this:

Helping people learn the latest cutting edge information and technology, then guiding them to apply it to their businesses to increase their ROI.

“This is where I feel I can impact the business world the most,” Matt says.

He continues, “When I told my new Dream Team about my vision, to help as many students as possible take their small-medium sized business and growing it large, and helping failing businesses become profitable… they all agree."

We were on the same page. I was STOKED!

Doing this would truly be an awesome accomplishment that will make a positive difference in many people’s lives.

What We Stand For

Network Empire is 100% focused on your education and creating digital assets that enhance and automate your business. This includes software and applications, education, systems and processes, and powerful coaching by digital marketing veterans with decades of experience under their belts.

In putting together the Dream Team I looked at many aspects of SEO and Digital Marketing. I wanted to make sure everything we teach is applicable to your business and that you can build while going through the new content.

We are focused on building systems that automate your lead generation efforts using proven strategies and tactics our team has developed or tested.  We create software and systems that make your tasks simpler and save you time.

We are not about tricks or one-hit hacks that have the potential to put your business at risk or damage your website. One-hit wonders might work today, but they often have a shelf life and after a period of time will surely die out. With only one working tactic in your business, that puts you at risk.

We’re also not interested in jumping from one method to another. The idea of patching different tactics together without one overarching complete strategy just creates an disorganized mess that ends up choking out your marketing efforts. A successful business needs a solid foundation of systems and processes that seamlessly improves the flow of information within the company which will ultimately increase your leads and sales.

We constantly strive to share with you the best evergreen strategies and show you how to use them to build your business.




Over 11 Years of Software and coaching we have helped many learn and grow.

Ben Johnson, Scottsdale, AZ
Greg Morrison, Scottsdale, AZ

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