Enterprise SEO Blueprint Software


Includes Full WordPress Plugin Integration!


Build Hundreds of SEO Silo WordPress Blogs
with Integrated LSI Keyword Research 


The Network Empire team has been building SEO Website Silo Architecture Enterprise Software and WordPress Plugins since 2007! 



You Get A WordPress SEO Silo Plugin for Massive Social Backlink Automation 

The NE Silo Builder Application will export directly into our deep silo plugin, video silo plugin and simple silo plugin. This is huge because such methods used to take web developers several days to complete. Now you can import a profitable and properly researched SEO website silo architecture into a freshly installed WordPress blog!


Access to Network Empire Builder Light and Pro (SEO Digital Blueprint Software)

Many SEO professionals have discovered the power of our secret weapon called Network Empire Builder Market Research and Website Blueprint Generation Software.  We built this tool for ourselves, but you now have access to this amazing traffic and SEO optimized website builder.

Access to The Last Keyword Tool

TLKT (The Last Keyword Tool) is an exclusive keyword research tool created by the Network Empire advanced software team. Considered one of the most advanced keyword research tools of it’s kind, TLKT uses latent semantic indexing, bayesian and LARI algorithms that are not available in other keyword research tools. This gives you access to better keywords that are more related to your profitable topics and themes in the eyes of the search engines. Training and a help file is provided about how to use this technology, as there are many instances within the Network Empire website creation process when you will find this tool profitable.

Access to Krakken Vertical Market Research Tool (Agency and Above) 

Krakken is a Vertical Market Research Tool designed to extract ALL of the most profitable keywords from within your entire vertical market. Training and a help file is provided about how to use this technology, as there are many instances within the Network Empire website creation process when you will find this tool profitable.

Access to The Painfinder Application

The painfinder application is specifically designed to extract “pain-driven” questions from the marketplace. You may sort these questions and headlines based on intensity and number of views. Training and a help file reveal how to use this technology, as there are many instances within the Network Empire website creation process when you will find this tool profitable.

Access to Krakken’s Automatic Blueprint Module (Enterprise Only) 

The Krakken Automatic Blueprint technology is by far the fastest and most technically accurate SEO Silo technology in the world. This technology is really more for secondary websites within your one webring system.

Basic Level Training Member’s Area

Basic training is available at all software bundle levels. Basic training content is also available as stand alone alone product.

Pro Level Training Member’s Area

Pro training is available to Pro Bundle members and greater.

Sell Blueprints First Training and Bolt-on-Opportunity

The highly popular Sell Blueprints First training and Digital Marketing Blueprint Opportunity is available to Pro Bundle members and greater.




The Network Empire Software Team


Sue Bell

Will inspire you to Swallow your Market Whole and help you find and remove the blocks to your personal wealth and abundance.  Sue whose long-term, unwavering vision built our enterprise software and training suite, has been in business since she was 15, and is an Ex-Military Software Engineer.

Matt Da Cruz

Matt Da Cruz  simplifies complex business situations and helps you unravel your business into a simple set of steps you can implement.  Matt has had 8 years of experience of mass-scale lead generation, has been in business since he was 18, is the CEO of Click Synergy and a founding partner at Network Empire LLC

Jimmy Kelley

Jimmy Kelley will break technical SEO down into it’s basic elementary building blocks and show you how the secret behind the keyword skeleton key will unlock all your rankings for you. Formerly a Department of Defense contractor, Jimmy has an extensive knowledge based on actual testing in the field. He “shark-bumps” the architectural stability of the search engines and re-engineers new ways of ranking that nobody else even comes close to imagining. He builds ranking methods based on technical proof rather than embracing the rumors flying around the SEO industry.

Russell Wright

Russell will give you insights into what makes people click, giving you an unfair marketing advantage.  He will show you how to understand the elements that create an incredibly strong position for a client or business within their market.  Russell has been in business for 10 years and is a co-founder and co-inventor of the various Theme Zoom and Network Empire applications.

Kelley Reynolds


Kelley, our business partner and lead programmer, has been untwisting our ideas into software for almost a decade.  He started out a programmer on Wall Street and has been in business for more than 12 years, helping companies like 85 Broads (now Ellevate) and Big Cartel.

Kevin Polley


Kevin Polley, whose passion for the Semantic Web and vision for the future was so strong that he has sat quietly by waiting for the rest of the world to finally catch up. He has been busy creating semantic child themes of some of the more popular WordPress themes on the market which are being incorporated into our new CBBN strategies.  He is the lead instructor for our Semantic Web Course.