V3 The Journey ToBegins NOW!

Our Story

A Short video to walk you through our long history. Our Track Record of Innovating and Staying ahead of the industry.


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The Path Forward

Learn why we have shifted. Why we are so excited about this new Evolution and Rapid Change in how things have been done.

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A Look inside. Walk through what is in the Updated and ahead of the curve Training. Then a look at the software included.

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A Note to the Network Empire community. What this change means to you and your account.

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Matt Da Cruz

CEO, Network Empire
One of the founders and the originator of DWS and the SILO plugins. A Business Systems Expert.

Brian Prins

CEO, BrainMatter Inc.
A Perpetual Entrepreneur for the last 15 years both online and off. Also a sought-after corporate growth consultant, and marketing consultant.

Mike Clay

VP, Network Empire
Over 20 years in the industry and experienced in Sustainable Business Growth.

Don VanFossen

CTO, BrainMatter Inc.
Coding since he was 9 years old on a Commodore VIC20 in 1980. The developer of Lead Gadget and other programs that have been used within the digital marketing and SEO industry.

Jeffrey Smith

SEO Design Solutions
One of the TOP Technical SEO technicians in the industry today. Years of experience watching algorithm shift and tracking the changes in search.

Bradley Benner

Cofounder, Semantic Mastery
The undisputed master of building Automated Syndication Networks. Taking the NE Webring BEYOND.

Why Network Empire v3?

Why Network Empire v3

Over the years Network Empire has continued to grow and to evolve ahead of the change within the industry. The New NE is no different from that 11 year past. 

Get More Leads and Close More Sales

We have simplified the webring system. In doing so we have gotten as close as we can to eliminate development time and implementation time. This lets any business owner quickly get to LEADS and DEALS. The goal is to help you focus on the 20% of what you do that produces income within your company. 

Build Your Business

As a Business owner, you need to focus on building. We built a POWER CORE training process that gives you what you need in order. Designed to get you doing the things that cause perpetual and scalable business growth. 

SEO That Works

SEO is not as simple as some want you to believe. It is also not as complex as many want you to believe. By breaking through the static you quickly will gain the skills needed to compete in even competitive markets. 

Lead Generating Sites FAST

Within the Power Bundle and higher you will gain access to a system that lets you build and launch Lead Gen sites that get results. These sites are RAPID to deploy and you can easily scale by building more. 

Less Learning, More Doing, More Money

Too much information can easily lead to overload. We have streamlined the information you need to get results. In doing this you are able to focus on what and when you need to do something to generate results. 


NE Classic Bundle

$197 / Monthly

  • DWS Pro
  • Simple Silo Plugin
  • Video Silo PLugin
  • Killer Keywords PRO
  • Pain Finder
  • .

v3 Power Bundle

$747 / Monthly

  • All from NE Classic Bundle
  • Lead Gadget
  • SEO Ultimate x 5 Licenses
  • NE Underground Labs
  • Drive Stack
  • Two Tier Syndication Network

The Power Core

$1497 / Monthly (4 payments)

  • All from v3 Power Bundle
  • TAS Stack
  • Coaching Track. Regular Webinars and access to coaching staff.
  • After 4 months you pay $747 /month recurring.
  • * If you were an MDM, CLC or Live Certification student withing the past year, you qualify for v3 Power core for $747 per month

v3 Certification

$4997 x 5

  • v3 Power Bundle
  • v3 Power Core
  • Live Certification Event: 2018

NE v3 Definitions

As you undertake your journey to build your empire. Here are the terms you will hear us repeat as we coach. 

DWS Pro:

Visually understand and control your promotional expenses, then build your site fast with this website and blueprint builder.d.

Video Silo Plugin:

Instantly create video SEO silo architecture for your WordPress site.

Lead Gadget:

Build 30,000 page sites quickly with this powerful SEO tech system.

Underground Labs:

Proprietary NEv3 testing space to share results and brainstorm new ideas.

Simple Silo Plugin:

Creates proper silo structure that’s optimized for SEO link flow and DA.

Pain Finder:

Find the questions your market is asking about and sell them your products.

SEO Ultimate

Increase your organic traffic, simplify your life and defeat your competition with this powerful WordPress plugin. Over 2,000,000 downloads since 2007.

Live Certification 2018

$25,000 live event in New York/New Jersey in spring 2018. Ultimate hotseat and brainstorming sessions during the day and after hours where the REAL secrets are revealed. The cost includes hotel, regular meals, transportation from airport to hotel. You pay for drinks and airfare.




Over 11 Years of Software and coaching we have helped many learn and grow.

Ben Johnson, Scottsdale, AZ
Greg Morrison, Scottsdale, AZ