The Network Empire Team

(Who Are We and How Do We Always Deliver On Ridiculous SEO and Digital Marketing Promises?)


Brief Team Overview: 

The Network Empire Digital Marketing Team is an intimate team of highly skilled online marketers, SEO ranking geniuses, high-level software programmers and technologists led by Sue Bell, Jimmy Kelley, Kelley Reynolds, Matt Da Cruz, Kevin Polley and Russell Wright.

Where Did We Come From?

This ‘crack’ team has come together over the course of a decade of enterprise-level “Online-Empire-Building” software development. The purpose of all Theme Zoom and Network Empire software has been non-commercial from the beginning, with the uncompromising goal of semi-automating the process of building highly ranked, high traffic, content broadcasting networks (also called The Socially Active, Semantic-Web Integrated, One Web Ring, One Feed, Multi-Media, Interactive, Domain Authority Driven, Perpetual Downstream Broadcasting Traffic System).

 We Helped Shape the SEO Industry, Before Transcending It

Network Empire evolved from Theme Zoom LLC, a software company started by Sue Bell, Russell Wright, and Kelley Reynolds. Russell Wright graduated from Bruce Clay’s SEO training system in 2005 and took the concept of website silo architecture to Sue Bell and Kelley Reynolds who built a software system that semi-automated this amazingly powerful SEO ranking process. Website silo architecture is one of many of the many SEO methods used that the Network Empire Team deploys with devastating skill. Matt Da Cruz joined us in 2011 during the launch of our custom SEO Silo Empire Builder. He designed and created the ROI functions of the DWS and NE Silo Empire Builder system. In 2013, Jimmy Kelley (aka JimmyKelley.Digital) joined our team as one of the most skilled SEO algorithm code-breakers we have ever met. The synergy between us creates an amazingly lethal outbound marketing team. What sets us apart from most is that we are able to look at the digital marketing universe from a business centric perspective.


Sue Bell


Sue, a former department of defense programmer, software architect and digital marketing expert, has been in business since she was 15. Her long-term, unwavering vision built our enterprise software and training suite. 

SoftwareKrakken Market Analysis and Automatic Silo BluepintsTLKT (The Last Keyword Tool)The Painfinder Market Research ApplicationDWS NE Silo BuilderV-Silo SEO Plugin to name only a few.

Training:  Our Certification Level Coaching Curriculum of 4 foundation courses along with our Live Certification Event

Sue’s Certification Curriculum and Specialties:

  • Software architecture, design and enterprise level software management. 
  • High level SEO architecture and site implementation.
  • The semantic web and the future of web.
  • Thematic Relevance as it Applies to SEO and Lead Conversion; Natural language processing and latent semantic indexing (aka LSI and LSA). 
  • Online market domination and the proprietary Swallow Your Market Whole method.
  • Website analytics and traffic ROI technology integration.
  • IT debt management and technology expense oversight and management.
  • Visionary. 



Matt Da Cruz 

Matt Da Cruz is the CEO of Click Synergy and a founding partner at Network Empire LLC.

He is also a search engine optimization auditor and co-inventor of the DWS NE Silo Empire Builder. Matt built a 2 million dollar personal property portfolio in 12 month using what became the Network Empire Traffic System. He is also the primary instructor for the required “pre-certification” training course called Network Empire Tech Traning Module 1, an 8 week webinar boot camp and high level coaching system. 

Additionally Matt is the primary instructor for the Network Empire Local Leads Empire Course. This course reveals how Matt made millions of dollars in local real estate using call centers and other local SEO and traffic methods.

Matt is often conferenced in from his home in South Africa and does arrive stateside at least once per year to teach students at our Live TZ Network Empire Certification Events

Matt’s Certification Curriculum and Specialties:

  • Creator and co-inventor of the DWS NE Silo Builder software.
  • High level instruction for DWS NE Silo Builder. 
  • Formerly responsible for setup and implementation of large scale call centers. 
  • Website silo architecture integration and mass production. 
  • Matt is an expert at unwinding complex data processes and systematizing them. 
  • Production line theory and large scale web execution. 
  • Advanced SEO and ranking techniques. 
  • IT Debt management and oversight. 
  • Successful business launching principles and oversights. 
  • Successful business KEI bench marking and management.
  • IT Debt management and oversight. 



Jimmy Kelley


Jimmy Kelley is a world renowned SEO as well as a former contractor for the department of defense. He immediately recognized the structural integrity of Network Empire’s PBBN / CBBN system. After a few short days at the Theme Zoom secret lab, it became clear that Jimmy belonged on the team. Jimmy has made it possible to integrate Domain Authority Stacking at an extremely large scale. And his toys, combined with ours makes virtually ANYTHING possible when it comes to online marketing, ranking and SEO.

Jimmy’s Certification Curriculum and Specialties:

  • SEO Rankings for highly competitive terms under adverse conditions.
  • Generating massive traffic and massive rankings for high profile clients who know him only via word-of-mouth.
  • Escaping Penguin, Panda and most other Google penalties.
  • Domain Authority Stacking and Domain Authority Sculpting.
  • Manual penalty expert.
  • Using Redirects to Crush all Competition. 
  • How to overcome Negative SEO and more.
  • Backlink detox expert.
  • Black Hat, White Hat, No Hat – which is which and when to use them safely.
  • How to properly create inbound links and citations to crush your competition.
  • GSA expertise and training.
  • Understanding the practical aspects of the semantic web and micro-formatting.
  • Local search domination.



Kelley Reynolds

Kelley turned Theme Zoom version 3.0 into Krakken’s Vertical Online Market Analysis Technology. This is a key LSI enterprise software tool that you will use to “Build Your Monster Network” and “Swallow Your Market Whole”.  Kelley turned down a position with Google. Enough said?


Other critical components and inventions by Kelley Reynolds:

  • LSI algorithm implementation into Krakken and TLKT market research and keyword research applications owned by Network Empire. 
  • LARI Score (Local Aggregate Relevance Index) implementation into TLKT research software and other Network Empire software applications. 
  • Ongoing updates to the large number of high level Network Empire applications and software services. 


Russell Wright



Co-Founder and co-inventor of the various Theme Zoom and Network Empire applications. Russell’s expertise is am expert in the discipline of copywriting, online persuasion, and choice architecture – which can be directly applied to online marketing, online brand building and social media evangelism.

Russell’s Certification Curriculum and Specialties:



Kevin Polley


Kevin Polley, whose passion for the Semantic Web and vision for the future was so strong that he has sat quietly by waiting for the rest of the world to finally catch up. He has been busy creating semantic child themes of some of the more popular WordPress themes on the market which are being incorporated into our new PBBN strategies.  He is the lead instructor for our Semantic Web Course.

Kevin is also the author and developer of the Semantic PinBoard Child Theme for WordPress.

Kevin’s Certification Curriculum and Specialties:

  • Semantic web integration for websites and ecommerce platforms.
  • Futuring and the future of web.

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