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What's in the Course?

Built around our proprietary automated maximum ROI detection system, this Lead Generation course presents a three-prong traffic generation system.  This traffic is then fed into a funnel system with lead scoring; generating higher quality leads.  The end result is a sustainable, scalable, profitable business model with an exact step by step process ... that, once implemented, can run without your being involved.

Module 1 : Business Rules

Business rules are intended to assert business structure or to control or influence the behavior of the business.  The three key points of this module are:  Implement Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) both for the financials and marketing so that you can keep score of your businesses performance.  Identify ways to increase your profits for little or minimal investment.  Look at systems and technology to ensure that your lead generation business runs smoothly.

Module 2 : Targeting Profitable Niches

Here we are going to look at the business from a practical point of view.  How much money are we going to have to invest and what is our ROI going to be.  We will be giving you a proprietary process and software tools in order to look at any market and understand which of the three possible paths are viable for generating leads.

Module 3 : Technical Build

This module is dictated by what we determined in Module 2.  Understanding the rules of the game will insure that we create the correct infrastructure for each of the systems, processes and workflows.  In this way we insure maximum profitability and accountability for each lead generation engine built for your company.

Module 4 : Funnel and Tripwire

A lead’s first exposure to your business may well be the funnel you build for this project.  In order to insure maximum conversion, we want to define all of the elements of the funnel so they harmonize with your offer.  We will show you how to build a basic 3-step funnel with an appropriate tripwire for your market, product or service. Testing and optimizing is an important aspect of the funnel, and to that end we will show you how to implement several different strategies to insure success.

Module 5 : Generating Traffic

D-Day!  Today we go from development to production. Turn the lead engine on, check that everything is in place and working.  Traffic will be generated from diverse sources and strategies, allowing a natural scalable growth to your lead generation engine.  Our modular design allows you flexibility to be able to handle the never ending change of the internet.

Module 6 : Measure Lead Value to Increase ROI

Understanding the value of your leads and lead sources if the first step to increasing your ROI with very little effort.  In this module we’ll show you some of the industries best kept secrets for automating and optimizing your lead scores, helping to perfect your lead generation business.

Module 7 : Automated Money Machine

With knowledge comes power .. and money.  Automated billing and reporting, in addition to other systems previously put in place, have the advantage of making quick work to understand which actions to take and what campaigns to drop to increase ROI and keep the Money Machine well oiled. We’ll give you guidelines and alert you to flags which indicate that it’s time to take action and what they should be.

Module 8 : Scaling Up

From ripples to tsunamis; we’ll show you how to scale up to handle massive campaigns and call centers without causing a national disaster to your business.

Module 9 : Real World Case Study

Come back the first week in April to review with us the entire process and results of our real world implementation.  Throughout this course we will show you blow by blow what we are doing in a live business and in this module we'll follow up with the first quarter results to see what kind of difference we made in this business - and the challenges and fixes applied along the way.

Matt Da Cruz

Matt Da Cruz

(aka The Profit Engineer)


The CEO of Click Synergy and a founding partner at Network Empire LLC, Matt currently coaches all of the Network Empire Certification Level Courses. He is programmer and co-inventor of the DWS/NE Silo Site Builder a tool founded on Matt’s private SEO project management processes & systems. As owner of other companies, Matt has used his inherent Profit Engineer abilities to create amazing lead generation systems and enhance the productivity of nation-wide call centers.  He brings all this experience and expertise to bear in this completely new Local Leads Empire Course for 2017 and beyond.

Leads are the life of Business Growth.

Get Our Proprietary Automated Maximum ROI Detection System
and Step by Step Process!

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