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Krakken Testimonial:

We’ve spent maybe $150K of clients money in this niche over the past 12 months, so i was impressed with how close you were to what we have found with ppc ourselves. I also found that your projected kw cost per click was closer to reality than any other tool i’ve seen….Google themselves gives horrible estimates! they will project a kw will cost $4 and it really costs $12….quite a difference.

– Mike O’Neil

All New Keyword Youtube Views for the Video Krakken Automatic Video Plugin for WordPress!

In 2015 the Network Empire team launched the extremely popular Automatic Video Traffic Training Course. The Video Krakken plugin for WordPress is part of that training. The feature in the video above will help you quickly discover large numbers of profitable keywords and INSTANTLY import them into the video krakken plugin!


Question: How Do I Purchase Another Krakken 3 Day Pass and Keep My Same Data?

I have purchased the Krakken 3 day pass and my time is up. I would like to purchase another 3 days. How do I purchase another 3 day pass and keep the same Krakken account?


Step 1: Please go to the following link:


Step 2: Login using your previous UN and PW and you should see the 3 Day Krakken Pass in the drop down menu on the left.

Step 3: Select the 3 Day Krakken Pass and proceed to checkout.

Question: Are there Special Krakken Price Points for Network Empire Members?

Answer: Yes! Please look on this special product prices page to see your extremely discounted Network Empire price points.


Questions Like: What is the VOMA (Vertical Online Market Analysis) Report versus the Krakken Automatic Blueprint, and How Is it Connected the VSilo Wopress Plugin and Other Network Empire Software?

Full Question: I’m trying to fully understand what you are offering and had a couple questions. From what I see it looks like the Krakken Automagic Blueprint Tokens are going to give us the permission to use the Krakken tool and then we can import the results into the Instant Silo WordPress plugin place these on our wordpress site?

Answer: Yes, but only if you buy Silo Blueprint Tokens separately (See Price Grid Below). Only two of the Krakken Packages below come preloaded with Silo Blueprint Tokens; 1) Theme Zoom Revolution Suite Annual Subscription and the Theme Zoom Revolution Suite Monthly Subscription

The 3 Day Krakken Pass does not give you any tokens. You will need to purchase those at an extra cost using one of various JV partners – or you can purchase them below or inside your Theme Zoom members area once you feel you are ready. The 3 Day Krakken pass gives you access to the main Krakken Control Panel (VOMA) for 3 days, and when you 3 days are up, all of your data (including unused Silo Blueprint Tokens) will remain in our system until the next time you need to use the service! In order to access your Krakken Blueprint Tokens, you will need to have an ACTIVE Krakken VOMA. Some folks prefer to stick with the monthly Krakken subscription because they never lose access to any Krakken area such as VOMA or Silo Automagic Blueprint Tab.

. . . and Yes, the Krakken Silo Blueprint Tokens can will import automatically into the Silo or Vsilo WordPress Plugin. This plugin is included in your Network Empire membership if you have one. Or you can purchase it separately.

Question: What is the VOMA report and how do we gain access to network empire to use Krakken or do we need to be a member? This is not a purchase of Krakken is it?

Answer: Yes, VOMA means Vertical Online Market Analysis. It is the “master Krakken control panel subscription”. You must have an active subscription to Krakken VOMA in order to create an Automatic Krakken Blueprint and XML Output for the Vsilo Plugin on your WordPress Blog. If for some reason your Krakken VOMA subscription ends or is paused, all of your data and Krakken Automatic Blueprints and Tokens are saved in your dedicated database until you renew your Krakken VOMA subscription. To read more about the Krakken VOMA technology, please see the Krakken VOMA wiki definition.

Question: At Network Empire where would a beginner start? To properly put up a site will we also need content and images?

Answer: We get this question all the time. We created the following help file to answer this question:

I Bought the VSilo Plugin But What Other Silo Software and Keyword Research Services Should I Buy Now That You Have Me Interested

To answer the second part of your question about content. No, none of the software provides the actual written text content for your website. The VSilo plugin is the only exception. It does provide matching videos associated with your chosen keyword within the silo structure. So, when we talk about article selection in the Krakken blueprint, we are talking about the automatic selection of optimal article keywords that can be later shaped into headlines and titles. There is an excellent section inside the Network Empire training area that talks about a special article creation method called PAM (painkiller article method).

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