Network Empire Certification

Join Us for the Next Live Event Oct 2017

The 12 Month Training Program with Live 6-Day Event

Phase I: Our 12 Month Online Training Program

6 Coaching  Level Courses and 5 Advanced Training Programs with Perpetual Mastermind Group

Phase II: The Network Empire 6-Day Live Event Elite Level Training

A Full-on 6 day retreat with hands-on training designed to turn your business into a well-oiled Digital Marketing Machine.

Phase III:  Agency Bundle Software

Including Agency Killer Keywords and Krakken 2.0 access .. as well as our Ninja SEO Tool Chest!

All three phases, one price EARLY BIRD PRICE $30,000 through 1 June 2017
Seating is Sold Out

Before you read all about the amazing benefits of attending our Network Empire Live Event, we want to give you an overview of how the 3 Phases of Certification-Level Access work together to give you the following 5 benefits and privileges:

  • Make More Money with Your Online Skills!
    Make more money with your ability to technically construct the Network Empire sustainable Lead Generation Web-ring System while you dominate your market with it's automated Content Broadcasting System.
  • Join A Community of Like Minds!
    You get an intimate professional long term relationship with Network Empire core instructors and software developers.
  • Get all the software tools you need!
    Included is 12 month access to not only our full Agency Bundle software package, but also our secret set of Ninja SEO Tools and ..uhm .. "no hat" software (transcends "Black Hat"!)
  • We Will Endorse You!
    You get an official Network Empire Certification Badge upon completing the live event.
  • Get Added to Our Directory!
    You get added to the Network Empire Certified Advisor Directory for brand authority and possible referrals.

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Take Your SEO and Digital Marketing Earning-Power To The Next Level!

The best way to reach a specific technical goal is to learn from experts. You will also have the opportunity to hang out with a team of highly skilled technical SEO and content broadcasting experts, the developers who have invented the Network Empire enterprise software and WordPress plugins and components

We are going to push aside mere theory and take you by the hand and show you step-by-step absolutely everything you need to create the Socially Activated, Semantic Web Integrated, One Webring, Domain Authority Stacking, Perpetual Traffic, Content Broadcasting System.

We put our money where our mouth is. Network Empire CEO Sue Bell has built multi-million dollar Enterprise Software and is a former department of defense software architect. She has been a life-long entrepreneur and business mentor to hundreds of students worldwide - and has pulled together one heck of a team. You are definitely going to want to get in the same room with the Network Empire masterminds.

Phase I: Lifetime Access to All Online Certification Level Webinar Training 

Annual Access valued at $19,870.00

There will be zero hype and no fuzzy plans or wishful thinking during our online webinar boot camps - also called Perpetual Mastermind Training Levels.  You purchase these once, and you are a member forever as these courses grow, improve and expand as our technology adapts to the ever-changing internet environment. 

Have you ever purchased a 'business opportunity' that had a very unclear plan and mostly the so-called 'plan' had more to do with purchasing more products to achieve a dubious and hyped-up goal instead of building a long-term sustainable skill and business?

You won't find any unsustainable nonsense inside our Online Webinar Bootcamp Certification-Level Training Courses!

2014-08-06_1706Each webinar and webinar replay training module contains all of the software and process maps that we use to achieve the technical and financial goals we are teaching you. Additionally, expert trainers and staff members are with you live on these calls to hold your hand and answer any questions you may have. In many live webinars, you will glean insights and training that have not been discussed before because it is our job to keep you up-to-date with latest industry standards. Our software systems are always improving and upgrading, so this is why you want to be inside these mastermind groups and associated Skype rooms. 

Important! Online AT and CLC Courses can be purchased one-at-a-time or in a special Full Package. But even better, the total cost of any and all courses that you purchase can be removed from the cost of your Live Certification Ticket:

button2 AT1 - Semantic Web Training
Not just a "futuristic course", this training will give you a solid foundation that will allow you to create websites that Google will rank better today.
button2 AT2 - Traffic Hospital - Panda and Penguin Recovery Training
Not only a 'Penalty Recovery' course that can save your sites and clients, this course will also teach you what you need to know to prevent a penalty.
button2 AT3 - GSA SEO Software Training
From server to install to list building to usage, this is an all-encompassing GSA Course.
button2 AT4 - Leads Generation System
A Brand New System and Course with software that shows you how to find profitable lead niches and system for getting leads.
button2 AT5 - SEO Casting
Building Fast Authority Websites – Plugin PLUS Creating Rapid Content & SEO Backlink Training System AND Web Design Module.
button3 CLC 1 - Technical Foundation Level 1 - Building Your Money Site Coaching Course
Build your Money Site and Branded Social Platforms; Includes positioning, market analysis with Krakken, keywords analysis in NE Builder, silo website construction, automating branded social platforms and more.
button3 CLC 2 - Technical Foundation Level 2 - Traffic Generation
Generate more traffic for your money site using curation and RSS feeds for an extended reach.
button3 CLC 3 - Automatic Video Site Creation Course (PinVid)
Create addictive video sites in a pinvid format to drive traffic and rank juice to your money site. Enhanced with Jimmy Kelley's Battery Method and Skeleton Key.
button3 CLC 4 - Automatic Content Broadcasting and Distribution
Create additional addictive sites using RSS in a variety of formats to drive more traffic and rank juice to your money sites.
button3 CLC 5 - Domain Authority Stacking
The principles you learn in this course are the foundations behind everything that Jimmy Kelley uses to rank sites.
cert-logo-sml2 Certification Live Event - Oct 2017
New material every year - check out the sales page for what we will cover in 2017.

Phase II: Network Empire Live Event Training

The Network Empire Live Training Event helps you put everything together and gives us an opportunity to see the whites of your eyes. Some of our SEO secrets and complex network blueprints require that we be physically present in order to guide you. Of course, meeting in person helps us increase trust and rapport as we get to know you. The live event is an essential component of the certification process.

The Live Event consist of 6 days of mind-blowing material:

  • A clear mastery of what constitutes Market Domination and how it is achieved.
    • Discover where your market converses and how to insert your memes into those conversations.
    • Fine tune your keyword DNA on outer ring sites to capture a larger share of the market.
    • Learn unfair tricks that hijack the potential buyer's brain to increase traffic on money site and drive them toward purchase.
  • Understand in-depth how Google thinks, how they rank and categorize so you can effectively achieve your traffic goals.
    • Learn cutting edge SEO tactics that help get you ranked highly on the search engine for hundreds of keywords
    • Master hacks that pick up where SEO leaves off to ensure Google's AI algorithms find your sites worth promoting
  • Incorporate Profit Engineering into your Market Domination with Advanced Business and Product Positioning with Macro-trend Insight.
  • We will pull back the curtain to the future and show you where the web and the internet are going so you can build sites that are future proof.
  • The big picture -
    • Understand how you can use all of our software together
    • Along with everything we teach during the year of Certification Training
    • To build a Traffic Machine that will Generate and Capture Leads
    • And give you continuous feedback on what to do to keep it in the Main Stream as Culture shifts and grows


Phase III: Agency Software Bundle + Ninja Tool Chest

Annual Access valued at $5964.00

You'll get 12 month access to the Agency software bundle that includes the Agency version Killer Keywords, unlimited access to Krakken (both versions as they are available), the Krakken Lead Generation widget (Krakken 2.0) that you can put on your website, and our new Ninja Tool Chest where we share with you the tools we use every day to rank our projects.

Access to Network Empire Builder Light and Pro

Access to DWS Pro (SEO Digital Blueprint Software)

Access to Agency Killer Keyword Tool by Network Empire™

Access to Krakken Vertical Market Research Tool V2

Access to The Painfinder Application

Pro Level Training Member’s Area

Sell Blueprints First Training and Bolt-on-Opportunity

Below, we get into the nitty-gritty of everything you get while attending the NE Live Certification Event and how you can reserve your seat for the lowest possible price.

View More:

(Above) Class of 2016

(Above) Graduates of Live Certification 2015

(Above) Graduates of Live Certification 2014

Included When You Purchase Live Certification

Putting It All Together

Putting it all together! Our One Web Ring, Sustainable Content Broadcasting System is a flexible framework built on evergreen technology principles that allow you to easily swap and replace SEO traffic strategies and platforms as the internet inevitably changes!


Unlock All Certification Level Online Training Courses from Phase I:

Purchase Phase 2 Live Certification and “Unlock” Lifetime Access to All 12 Months (and all yearly updates) of Coaching Level Courses (CLC) and Advanced Training (AT) Courses: Note that if you opt for our payment plan access to these courses will drip out over the year as the next course is taught:

The 'You-Everywhere' Sustainable Web Ring Traffic and Ranking System

The Socially Activated, One Web Ring, Perpetual Downstream Traffic and Domain Authority Stacking System will be fully explained and revealed - step-by-step. You will learn to integrate three key crucial components that most systems forget to teach let alone build into their software system. The three components are:

A. Content Distribution (As Automated As Possible)

B. Traffic Generation (As Automated As Possible)

C. Domain Authority Stacking (SEO, As Automated As Possible)

During this part of the live event, you will have that "Eureka" moment where everything in the Web Ring System comes together and you understand how it all works in synergy. Everything will be defined and explained and even better, we will provide live working examples that we only share will live participants.

The Worlds Most Advanced Market Analysis Software and Reporting?

The Krakken Vertical Online Market Analysis Technology is used by hundreds of clients around the world to ascertain the total search market value of complete groups of keywords and themes for many niches, industries, and vertical markets. You will go deeper with this technology than you ever have before, utilizing it in ways not easily understood by the general public.


Get Added to the Network Empire Certified Advisor Directory (Priceless)

Upon completion of the Network Empire Live Certification Training, you will be able to add your business listing to the NE Directory. Other students have generated tens of thousands of dollars worth of business by being associated with our directory and by displaying our badges on their website!

DWS Deluxe 2016 (Certified Adviser's Only Version)

If you are familiar with DWS (Domain Web Studio), then you will know how powerful it is for building dozens (or hundreds) of highly profitable SEO Silo'd websites and sculpting profitability predictions in any market or industry. Well, there is a version of this software called DWS Deluxe that requires Live Certification in order to qualify for access. 


The Full Skeleton Key SEO Ranking Method Taught Live 

The 'Skeleton Key SEO Method' is our in-house name for a method of on-page and off-page optimization originally taught by Jimmy Kelley in 2015 and improved for 2016. There are many keyword optimization mistakes at many possible levels when it comes to SEO keyword optimization. It seems to get more complicated with every patent that Google adds to their ever-growing arsenal. The Skeleton Key is a series of steps, stacks, and on-page/off-page configurations that are the closest thing to "evergreen" you will ever get when it comes to understanding how to prevent over-optimization and how to rank for shockingly competitive terms like clockwork, once you have mastered this method. 



Monthly Group Mentoring Webinar Workshops

We will follow up monthly in a private webinar format to make sure that everyone in this small select certification group can proceed with the process maps and steps that you were taught at the Live Certification Event. Remember, things start to move pretty quickly because of all of the support and exact planning we give you. We understand from experience that the first time you start build the Sustainable Web Ring System, it can be like breaking through your own technical 'glass ceiling'. This can be a little daunting. You might even think that you are biting off a little more than you can chew, but we will be there for you in the private skype room (see below) on a daily basis and more importantly during our private 'monthly webinar round ups' where we will turn the students on live and answer any conceivable questions. Please make sure you have a microphone for your computer in case you need to talk live on these calls to ask questions! These calls will be recorded for your convenience.


Private and Intimate Advanced Skype Room for Daily Connection

As instructors, we have found that private Skype groups are an extremely important part of our students success at every level of progress. Several students have already been mentored to technical success and attribute a part of their success to the staff support available in the Advanced Certification Level private Skype room. The encouragement and support provided by our team as well as the intimate fellowship between students have proven a fertile ground for success. You are going to feel at home and supported! 

Lifetime Access to BOTH Certification Level and Basic Level Member's Only Level

The Certification Level Member's area is exclusive and cannot be accessed unless you have attended our live event. You will have LIFETIME access to this area and all of the Top Secret material contained within. Every month new topic-related videos, webinars and tutorials will be made available to students for you to watch. *Remember, when you purchase Certification, you will have unlimited access to all newly recorded webinar replays from all current training levels including process maps, updates, checklists, and case studies. 

Lifetime Access to Sell Blueprints First Training

You will have lifetime access to the Sell Blueprints First training system. This is the introductory agency training system for utilizing the Network Empire suite of tools to create massive distinction in the market and attract clients. Also, you will learn how to sell Network Empire Digital Marketing Blueprints up front, before you have ever performed or committed to SEO or digital marketing tasks. Some students have earned upwards of $10,000 for the sale of a single blueprint. 


Customer Buying Cycle: A Network Perspective

In typical internet marketing courses, the customer buying cycle is usually discussed from the perspective of a single market or website. We take it several steps further and teach students to look at the customer buying cycle from the perspective of the complete Sustainable Web Ring System. This makes a difference because you will understand the customer far better than your competition ever could.  You will also be able to guide them towards your money site and product offerings even when they visit websites in your network that contain content about tangent topics and themes. This is one of the huge distinctions between the Network Empire Krakken VOMA Co-Occurrence and Latent Semantic Indexing technology and every other keyword research technology and network building philosophy on the market. 


75% Reduced VIP Price For All of Your FUTURE Network Empire Live Certification Events!

We believe in creating a tight-knit community of experts and friends. Once you have paid for your first Live Certification Event - any future events will be reduced in cost by 75%. This also means that any Annual Software Fees and Benefits can be renewed by simply paying your Certified Adviser Renewal Fee. You are not required to attend the event and may simply pay the renewal fee if you wish, but most folks tend to want to come back and attend the new events to stay apprised of any updates and technology changes. 

Included Software

Included Software

Annual Access to the Network Empire Agency Bundle

As a Certified Adviser you will get 1-year access to the extremely popular Pro Bundle Package. This includes:

  • Keywords by Network Empire
  • NE Builder
  • DWS Pro Unlimited
  • Krakken w/ Unlimited Blueprints


Annual Access to Krakken w/ Unlimited Blueprints and Lead Generation Widget

As a Certified Adviser you will get 1-year access to Krakken - version 1.0 and 2.0 as available. This includes:

  • Unlimited VOMA drills
  • Unlimited Blueprints (version 1)
  • Unlimited Lead Generation Widgets (version 2)
  • Both versions export to Network Empire Builder or DWS.
  • Krakken version 1 blueprints can be imported directly to our silo plugins


Annual Access to 'Killer Keyword Tool - Agency Version' Software Application 

As a Certified Adviser you will have one year access to the Network Empire PRO Bundle, which includes access to the all new latent semantic indexing software called Keywords by Network Empire. See the KBNE Help File for more details


Annual Access to DWS Deluxe 2017 (Certified Adviser's Only Version)

This software is only available to Live Attendees Who Become Certified Advisors. (See Section Above)


(New!) Video Krakken PinVid Automatic Video Traffic System  (Valued at $1800)

We have not even announced this to the world, and you will be the first to gain access to this amazing automatic video traffic system. No more WordPress plugins and long set-up processes! No more getting hacked, no more server or bandwidth issues, just sit back and let the automatic video traffic roll in! The all new Video Krakken PinVid Video Traffic System is a Software as a Service that was designed by Sue Bell and Kelley Reynolds to make the already awesome PinVid concept literally "plug and play".  


Access to the PainFinder Market Research Software (Life Time Access) 

The PainFinder Software was created to help you find and solve the pain in your market, which of course generates traffic. PainFinder will hand you a market's most popular topics and discussions for your content creation and traffic generation. See the PainFinder Help File for more details

Access to Any and All Network Empire WordPress Themes, Plugins and Evilness (Valued at $500)

Lifetime Access to all of our WordPress Plugins. We have created several functional plugins for WordPress and more on the way. We will make sure that you are grandfathered into all upcoming and updated plugins for the duration of all plugin projects including:

  • Advisor's version of Pinvid Theme
  • Video Krakken Unlimited
  • Deep SEO Silo Builder
  • Video SEO Silo Builder
  • Simple SEO Silo Builder
  • One Feed SuperCharger

Our Amazing Team:


The Network Empire Market Domination Team Overview: 

The Network Empire Digital Marketing Team is an intimate team of highly skilled online marketers, SEO ranking geniuses, high-level software programmers and technologists led by Sue Bell, Kelley Reynolds, Matt Da Cruz and Kevin Polley.

Where Did We Come From?

This ‘crack’ team has come together over the course of a decade of enterprise-level “Online-Empire-Building” software development. The purpose of all Theme Zoom and Network Empire software has been non-commercial from the beginning, with the uncompromising goal of semi-automating the process of building highly ranked, high traffic, content broadcasting networks (also called The Socially Active, Semantic-Web Integrated, One Web Ring, One Feed, Multi-Media, Interactive, Domain Authority Driven, Perpetual Downstream Broadcasting Traffic System).

We Helped Shape the SEO Industry, Before Transcending It

Network Empire evolved from its SEO roots in Theme Zoom, a software company started by our CEO, Sue Bell. Based on SEO silo structures from the original Bruce Clay’s training system.  Matt Da Cruz joined Sue in 2011 to launch our custom Digital Marketing Silo Empire Builder. Together we designed and created the ROI functions of the DWS and NE Silo Empire Builder systems.We took the concept of website silo architecture and built a digital marketing software system that semi-automates the amazingly powerful SEO ranking process while integrating business rules. Today website silo architecture is one of the many SEO methods that the Network Empire Team deploys with devastating skill.  However, what sets us apart from most is that we are able to look at the entire digital marketing universe from a business centric perspective.


Sue Bell

Sue Bell

Sue Bell, CEO of Network Empire LLC and Theme Zoom LLC, is a former US Department of Defense programmer, software architect and digital marketing expert, has been in business since she was 15. Her long-term, unwavering vision built our enterprise software and training suite.

Software:  Social Explosion, Krakken Market Analysis and Automatic Silo Bluepints, Killer Keyword ToolThe Painfinder Market Research ApplicationDWS Pro and NE Builder

WordPress V-Silo SEO Plugin, V-Krakken Plugin, Simple Silo Plugin, OneFeed Super Charger Plugin and PinVid Semantic Theme.

Training:  Our Certification Level Coaching Curriculum of 6 Foundational courses and 5 Advanced Training Courses along with our Live Certification Event


Sue’s Certification Curriculum and Specialties:

  • Software architecture, design and enterprise level software management.
  • High level SEO architecture and site implementation.
  • The semantic web and the future of web.
  • Thematic Relevance as it Applies to SEO and Lead Conversion; Natural language processing and latent semantic indexing (aka LSI and LSA).
  • Online market domination and the proprietary Swallow Your Market Whole method.
  • Website analytics and traffic ROI technology integration.
  • IT debt management and technology expense oversight and management.
  • Visionary.


Matt Da Cruz

Matt Da Cruz

Matt Da Cruz is the CEO of Click Synergy and a founding partner at Network Empire LLC.

He is also a search engine optimization auditor and co-inventor of the DWS NE Silo Empire Builder. Matt built a 2 million dollar personal property portfolio in 12 month using what became the Network Empire Traffic System. He is also the primary instructor for the required “pre-certification” training course called Network Empire Tech Traning Module 1, an 8-week webinar boot camp and high-level coaching system.

Additionally, Matt is the primary instructor for the Network Empire Local Leads Empire Course. This course reveals how Matt made millions of dollars in local real estate using call centers and other local SEO and traffic methods.

Matt is often conferenced in from his home in South Africa and does arrive stateside at least once per year to teach students at our Live TZ Network Empire Certification Events.

Matt’s Certification Curriculum and Specialties:

  • Creator and co-inventor of the DWS NE Silo Builder software.
  • High-level instruction for DWS NE Silo Builder.
  • Formerly responsible for setup and implementation of large scale call centers.
  • matt-da-cruz_002Website silo architecture integration and mass production.
  • Matt is an expert at unwinding complex data processes and systematizing them.
  • Production line theory and large scale web execution.
  • Advanced SEO and ranking techniques.
  • IT Debt management and oversight.
  • Successful business launching principles and oversights.
  • Successful business KEI benchmarking and management.
  • IT Debt management and oversight.



Mike Clay

Mike Clay is our main coach and mentor for the Million Dollar Agency Mentoring (MDM) program.

Mike grew his first business, where he was Executive VP, into a billion dollar venture, making 8 figures a month, resulting in his becoming a multi-millionaire under the age of 25.

Mike has the unique ability to teach what most multi-million dollar producers do, but don’t know they are doing.  He can translate theory into understandable, actionable ways to close your clients and take your business to the next level.

Mike is an expert in digital marketing, online brand building, and social media strategy. His digital marketing expertise is in integrating website silo architecture, SEO, advanced persuasion techniques, multi-channel funnels and split-testing to achieve maximum conversion performance.

Mike’s Certification Curriculum and Specialties:

  •     Digital Marketing Blueprinting.
  •     Co-creator of the Network Empire Digital Marketing Agency Development Courses.
  •     Copy writing, online persuasion, and choice architecture.
  •     Understanding and explaining “what makes people click”.
  •     Painless expert content creation.
  •     Software design and user interface optimization.
  •     Neuromarketing, social dynamics and group persuasion.
  •     Branding, logos and color theory.
  •     Website sales copy and sales funnel optimization.
  •     Keyword research, theme research, website silo architecture.
  •     Local Ranking and Reputation Management


Kelley Reynolds

Kelley turned Theme Zoom version 3.0 into Krakken’s Vertical Online Market Analysis Technology. This is a key LSI enterprise software tool that you will use to “Build Your Monster Network” and “Swallow Your Market Whole”.  Kelley turned down a position with Google. Enough said?


Other critical components and inventions by Kelley Reynolds:

  • LSI algorithms and LARI Score (Local Aggregate Relevance Index) implementation into Krakken Market Research Tool and Killer Keyword research applications owned by Network Empire. 
  • Domain Ranking Difficulty and Buyer Intent Indexes in Krakken 2.0
  • Ongoing updates to the large number of high-level Network Empire applications and software services. 


Kevin Polley


Kevin Polley, whose passion for the Semantic Web and vision for the future was so strong that he has sat quietly by waiting for the rest of the world to finally catch up. He has been busy creating semantic child themes


of some of the more popular WordPress themes on the market which are being incorporated into our new PBBN strategies.  He is the lead instructor for our Semantic Web Course.

Kevin is also the author and developer of the Semantic PinBoard Child Theme for WordPress.

Kevin’s Certification Curriculum and Specialties:

  • Semantic integration for websites and e-commerce platforms.
  • Futuring and the future of the web.

Also See The Semantic Web