This is a series of 7 short videos that will show you, step by step, how to use free plugins to set up website silo architecture in a wordpress blog. This “manual” method will work when you need to use your WordPress installation as either a main website or a blog.

Our system includes a silo menu on every page, contextually cross linking posts in the same category, and optionally an additional sidebar menu for posts.

This system has the advantage of being able to let you create a silo structured site on a word press platform, on the fly. This is great for quickly creating blogs and sites in the WR-2 and WR-3 rings and having the flexibility to add or change silos on the spur of the moment basis.

The Network Empire Team uses the “Silo Architecture” method as a core component of the Socially Activated, One Web Ring, Perpetual Downstream Traffic System.

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