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International And Local Research

You Can Drill Down By Sub-Region, County or City For Hyper Local Geo Specific Targeting

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Fresh Squeezed Keyword Data

Get freshly squeezed keywords and data every time you drill. In an ever-changing web, stale data will cost your money.

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LSI Keywords for SEO

A Variety of semantically related terms in your content look more natural to Google's Ranking algorithms.

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What Can Keywords Do?


Are You Completely Clueless About Which Keywords are Actually Profitable?

Clueless or not, even a beginner can analyze keywords and break down markets with the new Killer Keyword Tool.  It offers flexibility, freedom and power that other tools can only dream about! If you aren’t technically inclined, don’t worry! When you sign up, you automatically get filters and functions without having to know a thing. They are dynamically updated in the background as our best-practices improve.

Ranking Difficulty Exposed

Before you start competing for a keyword, understand how difficult the battle is going to be. Our Deep Inspection screen lays out off-site, on-page and SEO quality of competitors.  Available in Pro and Agency Versions.


How Many Pages Do You REALLY Need to Rank?

See how many topical pages your competitors are using to rank for a keyword.  This helps you gauge how much content you will need and a better idea of the cost for ranking.  Available in Pro and Agency Versions.

Know Which High Value Keywords You Should Use to Make Money.

Profit Screen shows your "Estimated Profit Per Keyword" based off your sales and conversions.  Available in Pro and Agency Versions starting July 18th.


An Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition!

Understand-at-a-glance the inbound linking quality of the top competitors for a keyword with our proprietary interpretation of Majestic's Trust and Citation Flow.  Available in Pro and Agency Versions.

Subscribe to Keywords™ by Network Empire and Save Money!

Data from other popular tools plus a customizable filter allows you the flexibility to create your own tool. Virtually replaces all other keyword tools.


International and Local Keyword Tool

Our Keyword Research Tool has been properly internationalized in every way. In each project you can assign a country and language combination that will return keyword terms and their associated values (traffic, cost, competing pages, competitors, etc) for only that local market. Our internationalization process includes insuring proper foreign characters and accents, correct international currency formatting, and multi-lingual word stemming for our LSI and Bayesian analysis.  Countries supported: US, UK, Canada EN and FR, Argentina, Australia, Österreich, België, Brasil, Danmark, Suomi, Finland, France, Deutschland, Italia, México, Nederland, Norge, Polska, España, Sverige

Absolutely Devour Local Markets

Drill by Sub-Region, County or City For hyper local geo-specific targeting! Laser target your Regional keywords and audience in a way that will ensure buyer ready keywords in conjunction with phrases that receive traffic!  Easily get a list of long tail keywords, domain names, the number of YouTube Videos for your Keywords and much more. All of which help you rank Local Businesses quicker, safer and for more search terms.


Find The Most Profitable Niches in Any Market!

Exploit low hanging fruit and profitable niches. The predefined filters will sort out the nuggets of gold in any market very quickly.

Search Volume for Any Keyword You Can Imagine

Natural and paid traffic data is available for analysis. Working with both data sets is the best way to get a complete picture of the opportunities and activity in your market!


Secret ROI for ANY Keyword Revealed

Bring your own keywords! Use any other tool to generate keywords and import them. We sort the wheat from the chaff and show you which keywords are worth the investment.

Fresh Squeezed Keywords and Data (Not Old Stuff Like Other Tools)

Freshly squeezed keywords and data every time you drill. As the internet evolves, so should your data. Don’t let stale data leave you behind the curve.


Export Your Keywords and Research

It’s easy to export the data into a spreadsheet for external analysis and report generation. Your data, your way.

Now You Can Use Latent Semantic Indexing and Bayesian Analysis

For Better Rankings!

(don't worry, it works without your needing to understand it!)


You would not believe the process we go through in order to get you the most relevant and profitable keyword list in the world. First of all, it is important that you understand that our keyword tool is different from almost every other on the market because it accomplishes latent semantic indexing and latent semantic analysis using Bayesian Probability and LARI (Local Aggregate Relevance Index) proprietary algorithm technology. *This is important because Google and other search engines are already using natural language processing to analyze websites and determine the theme relevance in order to give higher or lower rankings on their search engine! This is another reason you need our tool – to effectively choose the best keywords and themes that Google will expect to see on your site content in order to rank more highly.

Automatically Done-For-You Technical Analysis Steps (In Case You Want To Know):

  1. We fetch the top 100 pages returned by each search engine for the seed keyword, filter the pages for junk (tags, javascript, etc), then create a Corpus for the Latent Semantic Index. This index is used to determine a relevance score of each keyword in a project to the seed term.
  2. We calculate a form of native Bayes for each keyword that is used to determine the probability that a particular keyword belongs in the top 100 results of the search engines. Bayesian analysis has recently been most often used for spam filtering, but it can equally be applied to determine the probability that a particular keyword belongs in the top 100 results of the various search engines.
  3. We combine LSI values with Bayesian to create LARI, our proprietary theme relevance indicator.
  4. Because each project has a unique corpus (set of returned pages), the LARI score (an index of thematic relevance) is a relative value rather than an absolute. A ’10’ in one project might be the same as a ’16’ in another one, which is part of the reason we have custom tunable filters.
  5. Using LARI in the filter allows you to easily find keywords that are thematically relevant to your seed term.

Easy To Use

Intuitive interface allows you to choose only the data columns you want to see on the screen.

Well Coded

Robust web based software (SAAS) won't slow down your computer, and insures cross platform compatible.

Instant Updates

Web based software is always up to date with our latest version.

Stellar Support

Our help desk will support you with any problems you might have.