The Fast Authority Website Software, Video Plugin PLUS Rapid Content and SEO Backlink Training System

Step-by-step Training, Plugin and Painfinder

Prelaunch Price $97/month for 4 months

3 Steps to More Sales:

Fastest Possible High Quality Website,
Expert Content and Mega-Backlinks.


Fast Website Setup

In the video we showed you how you can make a properly silo structured website with quality keywords in 10 minutes. With just a little more work, we can show you how to insure those keywords fit your budget, make that website look fantastic, motivates buyers, and close sales.  We'll show you how, step by step.

Fast Expert Content

SEO Casting puts you 30 Minutes from Expert content that is not only fast, but also easy to create. Quality content doesn't draw clicks or get conversions.  To do that, you need experts answering Pain Killer questions.  We show you how to make that painless both for you and your content, as well as a client's.

Fast Quality Backlinks

The best backlinks are anchored in expert content that draws the click and is published on high DA sites that delights the search engines.  A painful prospect, until now.  We'll show you how one strategic blog post can create over 200 (mostly) hand crafted inbound links, with very little effort.

What's In The Course?

SEO Casting is a Network Empire perpetual-access training course, suitable for the beginner and advanced student alike.  The duration of this course will be 5 months, with one webinar a month and supplemental video training and checklists inside the Network Empire University platform.  Topic covered in this course are:

  • Blogging - Create Expert Content Fast
  • Selecting Titles that Convert
  • Learn how to build branded presentations that WOW
  • Learn how to ask questions that get Social Buzz
  • For the 1st time learn Stacked Persuasion & SEO Silo Architecture
  • Advanced SEO Casting System Step By Step
  • Pro Blog Boosting Strategy
  • Easy paid add-ons to take Blog Boosting Further
  • Building a Content Schedule that amplifies SEO and Rankings
  • Selecting Panda and Penguin Safe Keywords
    • Choosing Domain Names that Avoid Google Penalties
    • Site Structure Best Practices
    • Picking the Right SILOs for Budget and Conversion
    • Picking the Killer Keywords for Articles
    • Site Design & Conversion
      • Beautiful Converting Website Designs
      • Video SILO Plugin
      • Opt-ins Setup
      • Converting Sales Pages
      • Social Explosion Tips
    • Advanced Content Distribution and Syndication
    • SEO & Ranking Tips and Tactics

And now, for a limited time get Painfinder for 4 months and Video Silo Builder included!

Your Instructors

Mike Clay
A multi-millionaire in his first business under the age of 25, Mike can show you innovative ways to close your clients and take your business to the next level.

Matt Da Cruz
Matt Da Cruz simplifies complex business situations and helps you unravel your business into a simple set of steps you can implement. Matt has had 8 years of experience of mass-scale lead generation, has been in business since he was 18, is the CEO of Click Synergy and a founding partner at Network Empire LLC

Jimmy Kelley
Jimmy Kelley will break technical SEO down into it’s basic elementary building blocks and show you how the secret behind the keyword skeleton key will unlock all your rankings for you. Formerly a Department of Defense contractor, Jimmy has an extensive knowledge based on actual testing in the field. He “shark-bumps” the architectural stability of the search engines and re-engineers new ways of ranking that nobody else even comes close to imagining. He builds ranking methods based on technical proof rather than embracing the rumors flying around the SEO industry.

Sue Bell
Sue will inspire you to Swallow your Market Whole and help you find and remove the blocks to your personal wealth and abundance. Sue whose long-term, unwavering vision built our enterprise software and training suite, has been in business since she was 15, and is an Ex-Military Software Engineer.

Russell Wright
Russell will give you insights into what makes people click, giving you an unfair marketing advantage. He will show you how to understand the elements that create an incredibly strong position for a client or business within their market. Russell has been in business for 10 years and is a co-founder and co-inventor of the various Theme Zoom and Network Empire applications.

And now, for a limited time get*

  • Video Silo Plugin ($67 Value)
  • Painfinder (4 months - $68 Value)
  • Live Webinar Training
  • Easy 4-payment Plan

$97 / Month - 4 months

* As a service to those taking our courses, and having a desire to not nickel and dime our members, we provide access to some, if not all, Network Empire products required for each course, as stated in the sales copy.  These items are provided as a bonus, they do not reflect a percentage price of the course, and no refund will be provided if you previously purchased or acquired one of the bonuses.