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 Course Overview

From the desk of Matt Da Cruz:

Hello, Today is one of the last few days to take advantage of securing your seat for the Network Empire Certification Level 1 Business Technical Foundation Coaching Program.

You will be executing the following money-making processes below, learning them like the back of your hand. You can make money in your own business or provide this service charging tens of thousands of dollars for your own clients!

Certification Level 1 is an 8-week course where I work with you and coach you through the WR1, WRS1 Market Domination Technical Site build. Nothing will be obfuscated. Nothing will be held back. You will understand everything about your WR1, WRS1 is the core foundation of your sites network. This site sits at the epicenter of your entire broadcasting network. If you build this system out wrong every layer you stack on top of this primary money site will fail & fall in rankings and traffic – and a lot of time, money and effort is typically wasted in this way.

If you decide to join me, you will be part of a small group of no more than 10 coaching students for each live webinar boot camp. Due to the nature of this coaching program I personally cannot take on more than 10 students at a time. First come first serve so please reserve your seat. This is because I am personally working with each student throughout the 8 week period. If you are not able to get into my coaching due to limited seating, you may still attend the webinars and gain access to all of the online training and replays. I will add you to the coaching schedule you as soon as I get an opening.






About the Coaching Program Included In This Course 

You will gain access to our collective knowledge (The Entire Network Empire Team) during Certification Level 1. This will shortcut your learning curve in a huge way. Here are some specifics about my coaching program so that you can know what to expect:


Done For You Krakken VOMA Research for Your SEO Silo Site! (Vertical Online Market Analysis)

You are entitled to a single done for you VOMA report during your first Certification Level 1 Webinar Bootcamp. These cost around 500 dollars when purchased independently. Some students have said that this is work the entire price of the course. 

Skype Contact

You will get Skype text and emails access to me for questions while you building of your site.


Live Weekly Member’s Only Webinar for Duration of Current Bootcamp

We do a 1.5-hour live webinar each week where we will run through the questions for the week’s homework as well as preparing you for the following week.


Limited Personal Skype Support During Your First Webinar Bootcamp

You will get personal training with a Network Empire staff member on how best to use our powerful tool toolset. You will be able to tap into the this private groups collective experience live weekly to discuss each week’s particular stage. Trust me, these open conversations are extremely powerful as one hears and learns massive amounts from others experiences which directly shortcuts your learning curve.

Learn How To Use the Network Empire Suite of Software Tools
You will get to see how Matt Da Cruz uses DWS and NE Silo Builder and I will uncover the power of this Dynamic tool like never before. You will get access to my personal TLKT filters and I will teach you how to write your own


What Are You Required To Do (Yes, There Is Homework)

 What you will be required to do is build a new site over this period duplicating the actions that I do for your project. The reason for the new site is to avoid dealing with any unknown issues that can throw you off track.

The Network Empire Stackable Website Launch System



We have found that this is the best way to learn the Network Empire Stackable Process. Now remember – the Network Empire Stackable System is very unique because these core principals apply to most builds you encounter including eCommerce.

Please note: the site you build should be of your choice. You don’t have to build a hair and makeup site. The reason for the doing the videos is to allow you to be able to pause and replay parts you would like to look over again. This also gives us more time on the weekly webinar to deal with the important questions you have about what you are experiencing whilst building out your site. It is very important we address and sticking points so your completely clear on the Network Empire Stackable Process.


One of Matt’s Many SEO Silo Ranking Case Study:

  1. Case Study Part 1- The Objective
  2. Case Study Part 2 – Terms and Definitions
  3. Case Study Part 3 – Strategic Scenario
  4. Case Study Part 4 – Test Overview
  5. Case Study Part 5 – New Silo Architecture Test
  6. Case Study Part 6 – Site Speed Test
  7. Case Study Part 7 – Freebase Verify Test
  8. Case Study Part 8 – Onpage Optimization Test
  9. Case Study Part 9 – Engagement Test


Additional Benefits


  • You will get access to a series of training videos each week as we work through the Network Empire Stackable Process.

  • In these videos we will be building a real-world website for a local business in the hair and makeup sector.

  • Now the principles you will learn here will show you how to rapidly reverse engineer how businesses get leads, sales and traffic from a market. The business we using for the case study is my wife’s (pressure!) new business.

  • It is a real business for the guys who are building sites for their own businesses or for clients; this coaching program Will change the way you do things for the better!  So its in my own personal interest to make this network rock, you get to tap into experience.

  • This type of business will be a great case study as that sector deals a lot with social media. You will get to see how we bring the technical and social together to create the broadcasting infrastructure for a real world business.

  • This program will include dealing with local factors as well. No fake, no value demo site to learn from – a real world site being built in real time with you! I will show you step by step how I go about figuring out what we need to do for this client.

  • You will see how I process the data and build the entire infrastructure.

  • As far as we know, there are no other courses in the world that cover this level of detail – from technical SEO to business architecture.


Even More Benefits?




  • Yet Another Network Empire Perpetual Mastermind Training Course!

This is also a perpetual mastermind training course! once a member, always a member! one-time payment, forever updates.



  • Exclusive 24/7 SKYPE GROUP for Community Conversations, Insights, and Support!

Exclusive 24/7 skype group for community conversations, insights and support. *This is huge value. Like-minds cluster!



  • Perpetual Webinar Replays? Yup, We Got’em!

Webinar replay’s posted in case you cannot attend these amazing boot camp training sessions!



  • Learn about Our Proprietary and Sustainable Web Bring System!

Complete and enhance your advanced knowledge about the Network Empire socially activated, semantic web integrated, one web ring, perpetual downstream traffic and domain authority stacking seo traffic system.



  • SEO and Traffic Strategy Industry Updates (Ongoing)

There is a lot to know about the ongoing traffic environment. Our team keeps up with all of the technical nonsense so that you do not have to. 



  • Miss A Webinar Bootcamp? No problem, The Next Ones Are Free – Forever!

Already attended the Live Webinar Bootcamps but not completed your homework? No problem! Jump in the next one, and get the (absolutely fresh) training all over again! And again. And again – if you need it!



  • Social Explosion Integration (Optional and Not Included) 

Learn the inside tricks of how to use Social Explosion to safely automate your backlink campaigns and generate massive traffic through automated domain authority stacking!



  • Use the Cost of This Training As a Discount Against One Live Network Empire Certification Event!

The cost of this training can be subtracted from the cost of your first network empire live certification training! this offer is good forever! we drink our own cool-aid when it comes to SEO and traffic generation. you are going to want to see this stuff! yes, there are actual secrets contained within our secret sauce.



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Our Team


Sue Bell

Will inspire you to Swallow your Market Whole and help you find and remove the blocks to your personal wealth and abundance.  Sue whose long-term, unwavering vision built our enterprise software and training suite, has been in business since she was 15, and is an Ex-Military Software Engineer.



Matt Da Cruz

Matt Da Cruz  simplifies complex business situations and helps you unravel your business into a simple set of steps you can implement.  Matt has had 8 years of experience of mass-scale lead generation, has been in business since he was 18, is the CEO of Click Synergy and a founding partner at Network Empire LLC


Jimmy Kelley

Jimmy Kelley will break technical SEO down into it’s basic elementary building blocks and show you how the secret behind the keyword skeleton key will unlock all your rankings for you. Formerly a Department of Defense contractor, Jimmy has an extensive knowledge based on actual testing in the field. He “shark-bumps” the architectural stability of the search engines and re-engineers new ways of ranking that nobody else even comes close to imagining. He builds ranking methods based on technical proof rather than embracing the rumors flying around the SEO industry.



Russell Wright

Russell will give you insights into what makes people click, giving you an unfair marketing advantage.  He will show you how to understand the elements that create an incredibly strong position for a client or business within their market.  Russell has been in business for 10 years and is a co-founder and co-inventor of the various Theme Zoom and Network Empire applications.


Kevin Polley

Kevin Polley, whose passion for the Semantic Web and vision for the future was so strong that he has sat quietly by waiting for the rest of the world to finally catch up. He has been busy creating semantic child themes of some of the more popular WordPress themes on the market which are being incorporated into our new PBBN strategies.  He is the lead instructor for our Semantic Web Course.