Email Mastery and Profit Tracking System


Knowing the cutting edge of email marketing just isn't enough.

  To Dominate today's market you also need the Premier Lead-Gen Profit Forecasting and Action Reporting Software.

Get both, knowledge and software* now, in this course.

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Increase Your E-mail Conversions with 3 Simple Concepts
Most Marketers Get Wrong:


Kick-Ass Headlines

Let Painfinder help you beat SPAM filters and get high open rates. Drag and Drop Headlines plus formulas that increase conversion. Optionally we show you how to split test to get Pro-Level Open rates.

Automation Triggers Exposed

Level the playing field with Fortune 500 companies.  Master automated triggers with our step-by-step videos and Q&A webinars.  Be one of the few who can help clients with this high value service.

New Software Uncovers Profits and ROI

BRAND NEW Profit Activation Software let's anybody be a business metrics guru. See at a glance where the money is coming from and where your ROI is not meeting expectations.*

What's In The Course?

Email Mastery and Profit Tracking System is a Network Empire perpetual-access training course, suitable for the intermediate to advanced student.  The duration of this course will be 8 weeks, with one webinar a week and supplemental video training and checklists inside the Network Empire University platform.  Topic covered in this course are:

    • Increase Conversion Potential
    • Get past Spam Filters
    • Understand why Google puts Your Email into the Spam Can and how to make it go into the in-box
    • Automatically add social profiles information to the email record
    • The Facts on Self Hosted vs. Cloud Hosting
    • How to Use the List to Generate Sales and Business
    • Email Templates On Steriods
    • Headlines and Trust
    • Getting the Click (Open Rate)
    • Better Opens and Conversions with Split Testing
    • List Building / Sales Building Funnels
    • Integrating with the WebRings
  • Email Basics
  • Learning what types of emails to send and optimal day/time for opens
  • How to use triggers
  • How to Engage your list/customers
  • How to indoctrinate NEW customers
  • Building and Segmenting your List for better opens and more sales
  • Theme and Branding your emails properly
  • Lead Magnets to grow the list FAST
  • Avoid being in the 21% of Emails that NEVER make it to the inbox!
  • Managing and protecting your list
  • List Integration across other platforms

AND That is just a portion of what is included. Wait till you get a peek at the Software we will be launching to help Automate ALL of this.


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NEW Activator Bundle Sneak Peek

BONUS 1: 60 Days Free Access to Killer Keywords New Module 'Lead Activator':

Drill into a keyword to discover the hundreds of related keywords from which you can choose for your campaigns.  Filter by relevance, searches, paid traffic and more to find interesting keywords, then run a thumbnail profit report to see if they meet your needs.  Examine the top ranking competitors of those keywords with the Deep Inspection Report (picture below) to get a clear picture of what you are up against and an idea of how much time and energy it will take to get you above the fold.

Once you have found likely candidates, create a Campaign in the Lead Activator Module to estimate your Profit from Leads across 5 different channels; Search Traffic, Paid Ads, Retargeted Ads, Social and Outbound Phone Campaigns.  Use these estimations to make intelligent decisions about investing in your website, paid traffic, social or call center campaigns.

magnifying_glassEach channel has the option to convert in up to 3 different methods depending on the channel.  Methods include Buy Button, Inbound Phone Call, Optin Email Sequence.  You can set anticipated conversion rules for each of these.

Add more business rules which can include business overhead, funnel costs, phone center costs to take all of the guess work out of making your business (or your client's business) profitable.

Once you have finalized your decisions, create your website and landing pages as appropriate based on the best avenues for obtaining a solid ROI.

  • Automated Lead Generation Profit Estimator
  • Business Profit Redline Limit Alert
  • Automated SEO Deep Inspections with New Fields to better understand your cost to rank:  .gov links, .edu links, class-c networks (spot blog networks!)
  • Keyword Import option
  • Seamless Interface with Profit Activator Module

Killer Keywords EXTREME Showing Detailed PPC Channel Profit Estimations

Killer Keywords EXTREME Estimated Profit Overview by Channel


Killer Keywords New Competitor Deep Inspection - Now Including .gov, .edu and Class-C Networks

BONUS 2: 60 Days Free Access to the New Profit Activator:

dollarA Single Integrated Dashboard allows you to See Everything that is going on, from onsite traffic, to email opens and clicks to purchases, throughout Your Empire In One Place.

In the Lead Activator Module you calculated estimates of how many leads and how much revenue you would generate in a month.  This report checks reality against those estimates and gives you a green light on the right if goals were met and a red light if they were not.

A forecasting report (not shown) will allow you to understand what your revenue will be for the quarter and year based on current trends.

  • Action Report (below): Understand what's working - see high profit avenues at a glance; know what's under performing immediately.
  • Estimated Profit Forecasting:
    based on current profit trends, see where you will be in 60, 90 or 365 days
  • Includes Rank Tracker: 100 keyword/domain combinations included, upgrade if needed
  • Website Analytics: 3 domains included, upgrade if needed
  • Reality Check Reports & Recommendations:  See the big picture and understand quickly what to scale, and what to discard

Goals at a Glance in this Report that Rolls Up All of the Channels for a Single Campaign onto One Detailed Dashboard

The main report that rolls up all of the channels for a single campaign onto one detailed dashboard, allowing you to see where goals were met and where they fell short.

WizardBONUS 3: 10% off Access to the New List Activator Lead Management System (Lifetime)*:

  • Integrates with Network Empire Tools Suite to Give You an Unmistakable Edge in Digital Marketing
  • Stats from List Activator feed into the Profit Activator Integrated Dashboard
  • CRM Manages Contacts with custom sales process and segmentation
  • Manages Campaigns with advanced automation triggers; click link in email, web page visited, event recording, shares email, forwards email and MUCH more
  • Easily Build Professional, High Converting Newsletters with Drag-n-Drop Email Templates (No Design Team Needed!)
  • Blog Plug-n-Play Automated Newsletters
  • Painfinder<tm> Popup Headline - Magically answer the questions they are asking NOW showing how YOUR Product solves Their Pain
  • Easily Create Awesome Optin forms
  • Multi-account dashboard for Agencies
  • Seamless Interface with Profit Activator Module so ALL STATS ARE IN ONE PLACE
  • Backups automatically pushed to dropbox

Getting started with List Activator is a Snap


Eaisly Create Opt-in Forms Specifically for Popular Platforms


Automations use Events to Trigger Actions - Design Your Own or Use Ours - Stack them for Additional Functionality


Step 1 - Create an RSS Triggered Campaign that will Send an Email when your Post a New Article on Your Blog

RSS Triggered Campaign Type

Step 2 - Create a Newsletter Email Template that has Your RSS Feed in it - Just Drag and Drop!


Your Instructors

Mike Clay
Mike will give you insights into what makes people click, giving you an unfair marketing advantage.  He will show you how to understand the elements that create an incredibly strong position for a client or business within their market.  Mike has been in business for 16 years and is a founder and CEO of Clay Digital as well as the Marketing Director for Network Empire.  He has played a key role in developing some of the most popular courses in Network Empire.

Matt Da Cruz
Matt Da Cruz simplifies complex business situations and helps you unravel your business into a simple set of steps you can implement.  Matt has had 10 years of experience of mass-scale lead generation, has been in business since he was 18.  He is the CEO of Click Synergy and a founding partner at Network Empire LLC.  He is the coach for all of the Certification Level Coaching (CLC) courses.

Sue Bell
Sue Bell will inspire you to Swallow your Market Whole and help you find and remove the blocks to your personal wealth and abundance.  Sue, whose long-term, unwavering vision built our enterprise software and training suite, has been in business since she was 15, and is an Ex-Military Software Engineer.  Now almost a 20 year veteran of SEO and digital marketing, her goal is to develop software that automates the mundane in digital marketing and provide tools that allow Network Empire Members to stand out from their competitors, and provide training and resources needed to make the best use of these tools.

And now, for a limited time get

  • BONUS 1: 60 Days Killer Keywords Extreme with Lead Activator
  • BONUS 2: 60 Days Access to Profit Activator
  • BONUS 3: 10% off CRM System (Lifetime of Subscription)
  • Easy 2-payment Plan

$497 / Month - 2 months

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Other software needed for this course:

* As a service to those taking our courses, and having a desire to not nickel and dime our members, we provide access to some, if not all, Network Empire products required for each course, as stated in the sales copy.  These items are provided as a bonus, they do not reflect a percentage price of the course, and no refund will be provided if you previously purchased or acquired one of the bonuses.