NE Basic Training Subscription


With Basic SEO Silo Blueprint and WP Plugin


Welcome To The Inner Circle of Trust


You are about to be on the inside of what we like to call . . . The Network Empire Family Circle of Trust.

 We keep nothing from you.

 You keep nothing from us.

And Round and Round She goes.

But right now you are still outside that Circle of Trust. 😉


We would like to give you an opportunity to remedy the situation.

But first, here’s what you get:

Included In Basic Training Membership Area


NE Builder Light (Single Site License)

The NE Silo Builder Application will export directly into our deep silo plugin, video silo plugin and simple silo plugin. This is huge because such methods used to take web developers several days to complete. Now you can import a profitable and properly researched SEO website silo architecture into a freshly installed WordPress blog!

VSilo Builder Plugin and Deep Silo Plugin for WordPress

The only WP plugins of their kind, the Vsilo and Deep Silo Plugins allow you to import a profitably-researched SEO silo structure directly into your WordPress blog. Or you can choose the manual option.

Niche Domination Training Module

Get a basic introduction to the One Web Ring System and the Network Empire sustainable SEO philosophy.

Live Monthly Website Review Webinars 

Although we cover a LOT more than just proper SEO silo website structure, you may bring your own websites to our monthly member’s only SEO training webinars, and talk to our team live! *Many have said that this alone is worth the entire cost of the monthly membership.

Access to Member’s Special Offers and Advanced Training Price Points When You Are Ready

We have special pricing offers for our advanced training courses and our certification courses available to basic members. We realize that you need to move at your own pace. So, these special price points are a courtesy to member’s only.


Why Are We Offering This (Low) Price Point

From the controversial software team who brought you the Krakken Vertical Market Analysis Tool, The Last Keyword Tool, Domain Web Studio and NE Silo Builder.

And from the same team who introduced Website Silo Architecture to the general public – Finally!  A private membership space where our team can relax and talk openly about advanced whitehat, grayhat and blackhat SEO, Social Media, Content Curation and Neuromarketing topics. Yes! These are many of the same BLACK BOX strategies and tactics that we used to talk about ONLY behind the closed doors of our $30,000 Network Empire event.

Here is the problem.

Our methods are not just SEO. 

We have spent thousands of hours to construct an authentic Automated Cybernetic Business Machine that encompasses all seven phases of dominating your online market: Positioning, Market Analysis, Keyword Selection, Online Property Creation, Content Promotion and Syndication, Reporting and Actionable Analytics.


In other words . . . this ‘ain’t no’ Clickbank product.

We realized we needed to build a training system that explains our holistic, evergreen system. 

We also were building our OWN back end step-by-step process maps for creating sites and blogs, creating and testing plugins, bots and tools, testing and determining which promotional activities and third party platforms are most effective. All of those notions got rolled into the Network Empire Project . . . and now you are here.


Who Is This Package For? 

The basic membership area is for those individuals who want to immerse themselves in a truly unique business system. It is not a get rich quick scheme.Yes we teach you how to work with all of the technologies and software that we offer, but you will learn a TON, even if you are not ready to buy our software- even if you never buy it!

Ours is a sustainable business strategy that takes every aspect of running an AUTHENTIC Cybernetic Business System. You can even join us at a reasonable rate BEFORE you ever decide to buy our Enterprise Level Vertical Online Marketing Software Suite!

You can peek behind the curtain and find out what is inside the BLACK BOX and discover how our software architects and mathematicians have back-engineered pretty much every Google search and social graph algorithm that matters, and more importantly- how the new online trends of Social Media, Content Curation, and local search all ‘click’ together like a bunch of Legos, into a single unified plan we like to call the Sustainable Market Domination Web Ring System

The Network Empire Software Team

Sue Bell
The Ex-Military Programmer, Software Architect whose long-term, unwavering vision built our enterprise software suite. Everyone in the industry said “Couldn’t Be Done” but she doesn’t take “it’s impossible” for an answer. She built it anyway.

Matt Da Cruz

Matt Da Cruz (aka Mr. ROI, aka The Profit Engineer) is the CEO of Click Synergy and a founding partner at Network Empire LLC

Jimmy Kelley

Jimmy Kelley is a former contractor for the department of defense as well as a technology and SEO Ranking Genius of a high order.

Russell Wright

Co-Founder and co-inventor of the various Theme Zoom and Network Empire applications.