MDM PRO (Level 3)

Digital Marketing Agency Coaching and Mentoring Program
NOW with DFY-LEADS, O2O Opportunities, List Activator (CRM/Email),
and NE Pro Bundle w/ Software Included


Are You Tired of Waiting (and Hoping)

To Get Paid Until AFTER You Have Slaved Away In The SEO Salt Mines?


 Get Paid By Clients Up Front!



From the Desk of Sue Bell:


Hello, I am Sue Bell, CEO of the Network Empire, and I know what it feels like to have ZERO control of how and when your client pays you.

I have almost 20 years in the SEO industry, so I know what it’s like to sacrifice ton’s of up-front work to create a free report- only to have the prospect not sign the contract or take the deal.

Worse, they sometimes took my valuable “proposal” to my competitor to get a lower bid. Don't you hate that? 

We are going to solve this problem for you by showing you how to use proprietary reporting technology and training that helps you easily turn customers into clients and “weld them to your hip” for life!

Do you get paid to complete online services for your clients?

Do you slave away in the SEO “salt mines”  hoping that your client remembers to mail out that next check?

Are you currently doing web-design or social media marketing and are looking for an additional product that will generate more income and have a sustainable residual? 

Well, this training is probably the most profitable “Bolt-On” opportunity you have ever seen.

And for those of you who are looking to get started as a Digital Marketing Agency, this is a fabulous first step that will insure you get off to a profitable start.


Welcome to MDM Pro (Level 3 )

also called . . . 

'How To Sell 2 Blueprints Every Month'


Here Is What You Get:

  • MDM Prep - an introduction that will give you the basic sales skills to close your first client using Sell Blueprints First System.
  • MDM Quick Start - a 30 day program which contains process maps and step-by step guides to get your marketing and prospecting up to speed fast.
  • DFY Leads - 1500 contacts/month resulting in an average of 25-150 calls per package - these can be used for you AND/OR your clients.  (a $400 value)
  • Online to Offline Strategies and access to emerging technologies
  • List Activator - a CRM and Email System you will use to track your leads. (a $50 value)
  • The Network Empire Pro Bundle, including all the software required to complete the Blueprints taught in this training. (a $249 value)
  • The Coaching required to help you Fulfill the Blueprint, Website and Digital Marketing Services.
  • The Mentoring required for you to perfect the sales process so you can consistently close new clients every month.
  • Checklists for:
    • Goal Setting
    • Prospecting and Sales Tracking System
    • Sales
    • Blueprint Fulfillment
    • Website Overhaul
    • Niche Domination Website Design and Development
    • On-Page SEO and Bridging Factors
    • Website Launching
    • OneFeed Implementation
  • Templates:
    • Sales Proposal
    • Pricing Guidelines
    • Digital Marketing Blueprint
    • Client Business and Product Positioning
  • MDM Level Pro Private Skype Room
  • Fulfillment Audits



You will get access to the MDM PRO UNIVERSITY Coaching and Mentoring

We will take you through the topics above in order to make sure that you graduate to being able to easily attract customers and close at least 2 Blueprints Every Month!

Part 1: From Bored to Booked!

Learn the secrets of being constantly booked

Part 2: Shut Up and Take My Money Training

There are a couple of key tips you MUST learn in order to fully activate this amazing "Sell Blueprints First System"

Part 3: Ask For The Sale Training

We make sure that you have REMOVED any of the common mistakes past students have made.

Part 4: Distinction gets you PAID! 

In this module, we will show you the power and distinction. This is required to fully position your agency, your sales material and other things properly.

Here is a screen shot of only one of the exclusive training area's that you will have access to:

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Sell Blueprints First and Make Money Up Front

How Will You Accomplish All of This?


As many of you already know, the Network Empire suite of market domination tools have been established by a team of enterprise-level software engineers. 

In fact, our CEO is a former Department of Defense software architect. This is a fun fact that I like to toss around. But this does not necessarily help you. The fact that Network Empire has created some of the more advanced tools available on the market when it comes to keyword research, SEO website silo architecture, LSI or natural image processing, and automated social back linking, is less important than how you can personally cash in on our tools, day in and day out.

In this training course, we are going to give you everything you need to utilize the high-level data generated from the Network Empire suite of market research tools.  You are able to make thousands of dollars from clients upfront, just by selling the reports generated from these tools.

Who Is Mike Clay
And How Will You Make Bank
Using His System?

Inside this training course, you will be given an introduction to the MDM system by Mike Clay.

Mike is extremely talented and willing to share the secrets of our software tools and methods that most of our other successful students and customers were unwilling to share.

He is going to show you exactly how he puts together extremely profitable blueprints and research reports that turn prospects into very well paying customers.

On average these Network Empire blueprints and research reports are sold for anything between $2000 and $18,000. The sweet spot price point seems to be around $3500 on average. We are going to show you how this is done - so that you can also make this sort of money. 

Note: I almost did not use $18,000 figure above, because for some students who have not experienced a measure of success online, getting that much money for simply putting together a research report is too difficult to believe. But since I have seen the invoice in deliverable myself, I feel obligated to tell you what can actually be accomplished when you change your thinking in this way.

Holding Your Breath For A Client Paycheck?

Relax, It’s Not Your Fault!

It can take several years to dig yourself out of the mess created from saying yes to clients who are unwilling to pay you what you deserve. 

First of all, I need you to know that this is a common experience during the early years of starting your agency or small online digital marketing service shop. 

Personally, I went through exactly the same thing. I have done my tour in the trenches. I have been used and abused by clients during all levels of my online business career until I understood one single important brain hack.

This is essentially the brain hack you’ll be learning from Mike Clay and the rest of the Network Empire team during the sell blueprints first training module. I believe that getting screwed over by clients is not your fault because the required shift of power occurs using counter-intuitive tools.

Now, you don’t need to be a brainiac in order to use these neuromarketing brain hacks that cause clients to bang on your door in the middle of the night shouting ‘Shut up and Take My Money’!


Your Instructors:

Mike Clay


A multi-millionaire in his first business under the age of 25, Mike can show you innovative ways to close your clients and take your business to the next level.

Sue Bell

The Ex-Military Programmer, Software Architect whose long-term, unwavering vision built our enterprise software suite.

Matt Da Cruz

Matt Da Cruz (aka Mr. ROI, aka The Profit Engineer) is the CEO of Click Synergy and a founding partner at Network Empire LLC